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Trying to tell me something -- 05.11.06
It would seem that the universe is trying to tell me something -- it's time for some big changes. What with my car falling apart, my clothes tattered, my iPod dying, and me being a year away from graduating. So in my mind I'm thinking that I just have to go with the flow and change... change... change.

Hey, I used to really hate change but these days I love it and embrace it. Yeah, part of me still hates change because I love the familiar. But I've come to realize that change is going to happen even as I try to hold on to the present. Every thing's time is finite. Once you understand that you are able to not take things for granted. I've taken so many things for granted already, so I don't want to take any thing else for granted. Thankfully I've been able to learn the lesson from my Grandmother's illness that it's best to do things now and enjoy life than wait for later.

So it's basically two weeks until the end of the semester. I really can't wait for this semester to end. It's not like every one of my classes have sucked, because they haven't. But the couple of classes that have sucked this semester have eclipsed the other three classes I have enjoyed.

My morning class is my favorite class of the day because I can talk to a bunch of classmates I had in previous classes and because the professor is a cool guy. The fun I have in that class is the most fun during the day. Case in point me messing with Melissa, who sits in front of me. Today I used her back as a stand to hold up my papers.

Ha! She was none the wiser. She didn't even realize what I did. LOL!

Everyone is pretty tired and stressed out these days. I know I've felt like falling asleep in class more than once the last couple of weeks. Today in my Marriage and Family relations class this girl that sits in front of me was passed out cold (pictured below).

She wasn't the only one. The girl sitting next to me was half in half out during class. I took a picture of her sleeping too, but I don't think I'll post it only because her tongue is practically hanging out of her mouth. LOL It's a funny picture though.

Today I shinned on my last class of the week, my stupid English 369 class that sucks too much ass. Instead I went and picked my aunt up from work. We bought a few things and then went to Target. While there she told me she saw a Jimi Hendrix baseball cap I might like. We looked and looked but couldn't find the hat she was talking about. But, silly me, I went on to try the other hats they had there. Here's me in a fedora of sorts.

I had a real super fedora a long time ago, but someone stepped on it and then sat on it. Why are people compelled to grab a person's hat from off their head?

I saw this playhouse at Costco today. OMG, if I was a youngster I would so want this in my front yard (pictured below).

Course I'm not a youngster, but I still want this in my front yard. Failing that I want an honest to goodness tree house. As a matter of fact years ago I went and designed a tree house that would have multiple stories and some cool details. I'll have to wait until I'm a rich bastard to build the tree house of my dreams. Oh well, some day.
End Communication.

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