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Over for now -- 05.26.06
Thank the maker the Spring semester is over and done with. This has been the HARDEST semester I've ever had to deal with. What with the new job and the 15 units worth of classes I took this semester, I'm going to be surprised if I get any good grades this semester. I've figured that I will either get all C's for all B's. I'm teetering between B's and C's in all of my classes except one. That one class I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get a D in and that sucks so much. Shit, it really sucks to go from last semester's GPA to this semester's potential GPA. :( My percentage in my FCS class is 79.75%, which is technically a C+ if you can believe that. I hope the professor is a good guy and cuts me some slack on that .25% and rounds my grade up to a B-. Last semester I bitched so much about my one B minus, but this semester I pray for all B minuses.

I'm so completely BEAT right now. The first two hours of work today went by at a snail's pace. Thankfully, the rest of the day went by relatively quickly. What sucks is that I have to get up super early tomorrow morning for work too. Sunday I was able to trade with someone who thinks they're getting one up on me, but they're not. I'm basically breaking even because I get to sleep in that day, and I get a couple of extra hours of work to boot. The extra hours being important because I need the money. So I have less than half an hour to write this entry and get ready for bed and actually go to sleep. I don't think I'll be able to make this deadline, but it's worth a shot.

When I was hired at this job I was kinda afraid I wouldn't like it very much because the store director (aka store manager) was a total prick. If you saw this guy you could tell at fifty paces that he's not an affable sort of fellow. On the contrary, in the few weeks before he was promoted and left the store I was eyewitness to his terse demeanor. I basically tried my best to stay away from him. When I knew where he was in the store I would give him a wide berth. Well today this guy comes in the store with a clipboard obviously performing his new job. I heard that he was in the store but I wasn't worried about seeing him. Well just before he left he was talking to the current store director and some other corporate jerk. I waved hello to him and he just looked right through me... typical asshole move on his part. I say hi to everyone, customer or employee, so it wasn't like I made a special effort to say hi to him. Well, I guess I did make an effort to show him the big grin I had on my face, the grin I've had ever since he was promoted and left the store. OH man, that was a glorious day. I remember that when I found out he was not coming back to the story I was super happy. I rejoiced in the fact that I wouldn't have to constantly worry about his malevolent presence. A huge weight was lifted that day and not just off me. I felt the weight was lifted off the entire store. It's said that a team takes on the personality of its coach. I think that holds true for so many things, including a business. If the guy at the head of an office or store is a jerk there is a tension that flows through the entire business. So yeah, less than five minutes later I saw this guy walk out the store heading for his car no doubt. Man, it has been so great not having him around.

There were rumors shortly after this guy left that he was going to come back in six months, but then those rumors were countered by other rumors that he wasn't ever going to come back. If he does come back in six months I hope to be nowhere near that store when he returns. Because I've known life with him at the store and without him and I rather prefer him not being around bringing everyone down.

So even though I don't miss the work I do miss classes. You know I've become someone that needs to talk to people. I was so anti-social growing up, but then again not really. I've always been a talker, but in the last few years I've doubled my want of interpersonal communication. I just love talking about anything and everything. I love being able to say, "I was reading in the paper the other day about that very subject." Call me crazy but I love reading the paper in order to have something to talk about with anyone I encounter. Be the subject TV or politics or science or anything in between, I want to have some knowledge of it in my brain. Not just to have something to talk about, but also because I just love knowing things.

I need to find a job where I can just talk to people all day long. LOL I wonder if there is such a job. But I'm not talking about like telemarketing where I have to go by some shitty script in order to sell someone on some stupid thing. I'm talking about conversational speaking, not rehearsed. Oh well, there isn't such a job anywhere... or maybe.

So a friend brought up Any Wonderland to me in an email yesterday. He asked him how she was and I responded, "How the hell should I know?" Honestly I sometimes wonder why I try to make that sort of connection with someone if it's just going to end up in utter failure on my part. Because then if I see them they're going to act all awkward and not cool. I mean I'm able to move on seeing as I've had to deal with that awkwardness several times, but I guess others can't. Also I don't care what others think of me because I rather like myself as a person. I don't get up in the morning saying that I'm going to be a total prick to everyone I see, like I feel that former store director must. I just wake up knowing that I like myself and that life is too wonderful to embitter it with caustic thoughts. I became a Buddhist because that philosophy best fit who I was already. I like to think that I was born a Buddhist, but that it took me more than 2/3rds of my life to put a name to it. If that former store director was put on this Earth to be source of acrimony then perhaps I've been put on this Earth to be a source of amenity. Because that is how things work out, Yin and Yang. Anyways, it's my bedtime now so I'm gone for now.
End Communication.

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