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My grade is what? -- 05.31.06
I went to school Tuesday to do some housecleaning, if you will. I received a letter from the school's library saying one of the books I checked out was overdue. I was about to get mad until I saw the name of the title. I instantly remembered that I turned that book into the Los Angeles public library. So I called the branch where I dropped off the book to see if they still had it. Thankfully they did. I drove down and picked up the book, took it to the CSUN library and paid the fine. It was just over $5 total for that and another fine from a previous overdue item. I got screwed because that other item was going to be forgiven, or so I was told. But, they got me and I paid up. It wasn't so bad I guess.

I figured that since I was on campus I would do a couple of other errands. I went to visit my advisor and it looks like I'm eight classes away from graduating (if I pass all of them that is)! Of course those eight classes represent a year's time, but it's so cool to know that I'm so few classes away from being done. I won't have to think about what classes I'll be signing up for until July though. For now I'll just enjoy the time off.

Today more of my grades were posted, all but one of my classes has posted their grades for me. I did pretty terrible this semester, but in a sense I'm happy that I didn't fail any of my classes. Here's the rundown of the grades so far. My only A so far is for my Advance Verse Writing class, and even that is a little tainted, it's an A minus. Then again after the semester I had I'm super happy to have at least one A, even if it does have a minus sitting next to it.

I got a B minus in what was the toughest class of the semester to deal with, Theories of Fiction. I'm ubber stunned that I got that grade because throughout the semester I felt I wasn't even going to pass that class. There were times I wondered why I didn't drop it. I'm glad I didn't though. Despite the difficulty I actually liked that class at the end of it all. Sure, I had a hard time, but that's because I don't think my brain was functioning properly, and the material was extra hard.

Marriage and Family Relations was a class I was cruising in ALL semester, that is until the very end when I faltered and barely made it past the finish line. I ended up with a C plus in that class, despite having a 90% grade a month before finals. My final assignment sucked, and it was late. Oh, and then I only got a 68% on my final. Those two things sucked my A grade down to a C plus. Oh well, can't win them all. I did hope that my professor would cut me some slack and figure that I deserved a B minus, seeing that the percentage was 79.75%, which is statistically 80% don't you think? I guess he didn't want to cut me any slack. Oh well.

Lesbian Writers was not the class with the most difficult material, but it was certainly the most difficult to deal with. It was the suckiest class I've ever taken. Nothing about it made any sense to me. It felt as if the real professor had been kidnapped and some other women took her place. No one knew what was going on in the class half the time. The other half of the time it felt as if no one cared what was going on. It was just a terrible class from beginning to end. I'm glad I got it past me though.

The final class is American Literature from 1860-1912, which was my favorite class of the semester. It wasn't as high on my list of favorites as my Art 151 class was last semester, that still stands as my favorite class. Still, I did enjoy myself in American Lit this semester, and not just because that was the class that I shared with Any Wonderland. That is a big reason why I like that class, but not the only reason. Ahhh, Any Wonderland... I hadn't thought of her until just now. Oh well, moving on....

Amazon sent me a $25 gift certificate because I had a bunch of points on their credit card. It must have been some dandy points because American Express has never sent me any kind of reward for having a balance on their card. Anyway, I took some spare change to the local Coin Star because I saw that if you convert the money from that into a Amazon gift certificate they Coin Star doesn't charge the usual 8 8/10ths cents per dollar they usually do. So I ended up with $12.79 of pennies and coupled that with my $25 I splurged and bought a new iPod. My old iPod is dying a slow death and this week it has been acting really horrible. It skips songs, the battery dies after playing like a couple of dozen songs. And if I decide to skip a song the battery dies right there and then. So yeah, it's time for a new iPod, and having nearly $40 to spend the darn thing only cost me $240. How nice is that?
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