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And a good day to you too -- 06.26.06
Work absolutely SUCKED this weekend. This short version of this is that I seem to be on a couple of manager's shit list. I say this because this weekend I seemed to be getting nothing but crap from two of the managers. Both of them refused to give me my breaks on time. Matter of fact Friday I didn't get my last break, which completely sucks for obvious reasons.

I so need to get out of this stupid job. Friday everything was going well until the last minute of work. I'm clocking out and suddenly one of the managers asks, "You didn't just clock out did you?" I tell her I did, especially since I'm three minutes over. She says to me, "That doesn't matter, you still have to tell someone in charge that you're clocking out." What kind of new jacked up rule is this, I thought to myself. I see everyone just clock out left and right and I've done it without asking permission since day one. Suddenly the rules have change? What I think this was a play for power. Fuck it, stupid little rule changes like that are only good for the time they tell you about them. In a day they're forgotten and things go back to normal. It reminds me of the time when we had to wear some stupid vest while we had some assignment. That new rule came and went in a week's time. So no worries about this stupid rule, but I do have to find another job. I bust my hump on this job, don't ask me why I do it, and I get shit for it. Bastards! Anyone that slacks off doesn't get the same treatment I do. Matter of fact they don't get called on the carpet for any reason.

So Saturday I just took it easy and cruised as much as I could. At the end of the shift go up to the manager and ask her "May I go now?" She waits a moment and then tells me to go. I don't say another word or anything. I hear her talking to one of the managers about how I was acting different. I told you all here that I was going to fight back through acts of civil disobedience and that's what I plan on doing. They can't fire me because I will do my work, just not as quickly as they want me to.

I'm trying to do three things at once right now. I'm typing up this journal entry while working on a couple of pictures in Photoshop while trying to write an email to Amora Simpatica. I promised I would write her an email but then my cousin came over to drop off some things and that didn't happen. So I'm trying to do it now but my cousin just left and now I'm super hungry. I hate that hunger keeps me from my projects.

(an hour later) So I had to get something to eat because I felt like I was going to pass out. It doesn't help that it's super humid and hot outside and that I'm feeling super sleepy. There are a lot of beautiful women that come into my job during the day. After clocking out the other day I spotted one of my favorites, this woman that looks familiar to me. I don't know exactly where I might have seen her before, but I'm pretty sure I have seen her before because I never forget a face. The following is a super blurry picture of her.

I was standing about 30 feet from her, so I'm surprised I got this sharp a picture to begin with.

The next picture I'm going to post here is of something I saw at the 99 Ranch market. This market caters to a more Asian oriented clientele, so it caries stuff that the market I work in doesn't. One section in this 99 Ranch market was full of paper goods like I've never seen before. The following picture is an item you're not going to see in your market.

What they are, near as I can see, are fake gold bar ingots. Now I understand that in some Asian cultures they believe that when someone dies they go into the afterlife with nothing. Burning representations of everyday objects causes them to fly up to heaven where the recently passed can use them. People will burn various objects made out of paper (because the real thing would be too expensive) in order for their love ones to get these items. One of the objects burned happens to be money (not real money mind you) so that those who are dead have some money to spend in heaven. That is why I think these gold paper ingots are being sold in this particular super market. Now this is a long way to go for this but what you might or might not see is that on the paper ingots is printed the supposed name of the bank. It says in the middle of the ingot, "Hell Bank." Obviously the person who makes these forgot the apostrophe S at the end of the word hell to make it possessive. I don't know, I found it amusing. I have something else to do now.
End Communication.

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