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Super Hero dud -- 08.07.06
I was falling asleep earlier and now I can't go to sleep, so I'm here writing this entry. Today (Monday) I went to the California Science Center downtown to check out this exhibition I heard about a while back but hadn't had a chance to see until now.

The exhibition is supposedly about the science behind the super hero’s abilities and such. Well once again I'm disappointed by an exhibition at the Science Center. The last exhibition I went to see was the Body Works exhibition. Which in and of itself was pretty cool, but because of the volume of people kinda sucked. I miss the old Museum of Science and Industry that used to stand where the new Science Center does now. The '94 quake pretty much left the old museum in ruin, so they tore most of it down (they left part of the northern facade intact) and put up this new building. For some reason the new museum is much bigger than the old museum but holds less interesting stuff. I remember one of the neatest parts of the old museum was the exhibit about elements and atoms. That was a damn cool exhibit. Alas I don't have a time machine to revisit the past whenever the future or present disappoints me. Suffice to say I'm not going to be so eager to check out any future special exhibits at the Science Center.

Afterwards I went to a place that never disappoints me, Clifton's.

I know it seems like I constantly bring up Clifton's cafeteria, but whenever I'm downtown I tend to go to Clifton's for a meal. There are other places to eat, but I rather like Clifton's. There is some sad news surrounding one of the owners, apparently they found her body in her condo. The police are saying that it doesn't look like she died of natural causes, but not much more.

Moving on, I basically had a huge meal consisting of breaded veal, potatoes on the side, Clifton's famous mac and cheese, buttered bread, iced tea, and a slice of strawberry cream pie (pictured below).

All that and it only cost me three more dollars than that stupid museum exhibit that sucked. So yeah, that's pretty much what happened Monday. I came home and tried to edit some of the pictures I took but then I got all sleepy. So I took a lie down and the next thing I know it's 10 p.m. Course now it's nearly midnight and I'm wide awake.

I hate getting super sleepy during the day only to find myself unable to fall asleep at night, like right now. I'll turn in soon after finishing up this entry, but still, I should just be asleep already. I so rarely get to sleep in these days. Tuesday is a rare day, a day I don't have anything planed or anything to do. I planned on sleeping in. I turned off the alarm clock, turned off the phone ringer, and basically got ready to just be a rock.

Because the last time I tried to sleep in the stupid phone went off. I don't know what it is about the phone that I really hate these days. No one good calls, but when they do I'm not around to pick it up. That completely sucks because when I do pick it up it's some jerk trying to sell me something. When I step out for two seconds someone I actually WANT to talk to will call and I'll miss the chance to chat. Oh, I'll call back but for some reason the moment they called is the ONLY moment in the day they're able to talk. Oh well.
End Communication.

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