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Everything's falling Apart -- 08.15.06
My left hip was hurting like a bastard yesterday, for reasons I rather not mention just now. In addition to that, my right lower calf feels like I pulled the muscle or something (probably work related). Also, yesterday I drove my car to the Westside and had it once again overheat. I have a hole developing on my favorite pair of shoes. The microwave in the kitchen sounds like a 747 taking off. And this weekend I nearly fell asleep during one of my work breaks. In essence, everything is falling apart at the same time. At least that's how it feels sometimes.

The worst part is dealing with my busted car. The engine is basically on its last legs. If I drive it over the hill to the Westside it's guaranteed to overheat on the way back. Last night I'm driving back from the westside, hoping that the car wouldn't overheat, and sure enough as I'm reaching Sunset and Veteran I see the temperature needle start to crawl towards the H. I pull off on the first street I can find and jump out of the car. I try to see the water leakage, but there's just a little bit of water coming out. Anyway, I turn the car off and leave the car on ignition to keep the fans running. In about five minutes the car is back its normal temperature range. I drive it up a little more and sure enough I reach Sepulveda and it overheats again. I turn off on Church and wait the car out again. This time I was near a gasoline station so I filled the radiator with water and got home with no further complications.

busted car engine

This is how it is driving my car these days. I carry a gallon of water with me in order to make sure that I have some once the engine starts burning up. The car needs a new engine, but really I just need a new car. Repairing a sixteen year old car that needs a new engine, at a cost of over two grand, is not something that's very cost-effective if you ask me. No one else I've mentioned this to thinks it's very cost-effective either. Basically everyone says that I should drop those two thousand on a new car. Yeah, if it was only that easy. First off I don't have two grand, I would have had to have paid for the repairs with my trusty credit cards. Second, I'm not making enough to make car payments. So yeah, if my car decides that it doesn't just want to overheat, but rather completely fall apart and not move ever again, I'll be stuck walking or riding my bike everywhere. Which completely sucks. I don't mind taking the bus, I do it now to keep my driving to a minimum, but riding the bus for pleasure as opposed to having to are two different things.

Course my car isn't the only thing falling apart. Apparently I'm falling apart too. My left hip was killing me yesterday, as well as my right lower calf. Thankfully those two pains subsided, but today I'm feeling rather sore. Yesterday's activities shouldn't account for this pain, but I guess they'll have to. This weekend I felt super horrible physically. I just didn't feel like I had my usual energy, which is quite unusual. By the end of my shift on Sunday I was feeling pretty good, but Saturday was hard. I nearly fell asleep during one of my brakes and I felt like I couldn't think straight. I'm not entirely sure how I made it through that shift. Thankfully the day felt like it went relatively fast. Oh man, I so have to find another job. This one is all right for now, but not for the long term, or my long term health.
End Communication.

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