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Definitely Miami? -- 08.21.06
My desk is a total mess. How does my desk get this messy?

After I finish this entry I'm going to take some time and clean off the stupid stuff off my desk. I'm sure that among the bills and other "important" papers I have a ton of stupid stuff. Just looking at the picture reminds me that I have to get a light bulb for the fridge. That white bag has some week old donuts in it, so that's going in the trash right now. You couldn't see it, but I just threw the donuts away. I'll have to go get some today because I's loves me some donuts.

You might have noticed the lotto ticket on my desk next to the bag of old donuts. I won! I won a dollar, only one dollar. That Coke bottle is from yesterday because dummy me forgot my water bottle to work. I don't know why my electric shaver is sitting on my desk. Oh yeah, I shaved before going to stupid work yesterday.

Speaking of work (pictured above), it still super sucks. I was on the register for a little bit before I got off work. I have to say that being on the register is not all that great. I haven't learned all the codes so I'm constantly asking people for the numbers. ARGH! It's just so stupid. I have a list of the more popular items on my desk, but now I'll have to dig through the mess to find it. If it didn't fall in the trash somehow.

One of my co-workers found this great book that is perfect for me (pictured below).

Yes it's "Cool Career for Dummies," from the makers of "Do It Yourself Plastic Surgery for Dummies." During my break I looked inside. It's basically just a listing of jobs and their description. Definitely a book for dummies. Funny enough, one of the careers not mentioned was courtesy clerk at crappy Ralph's. I don't know, there is something seriously lacking in this book if they don't list courtesy clerk at crappy Ralph's as a "Cool" career.

On an entirely different subject, last night I went to finally see "Miami Vice." I can't say that it was THAT great, but it wasn't boring. What a ringing endorsement huh? The movie shares the name of the classic 80's TV show, and the characters are the same as the ones on the TV show, but that's where the similarities end. Sure, the Sonny character fucks someone he's eventually going to bust (which happened in an episode called "Definitely Miami"), so that was similar to the TV show. Now that I think about it there were a lot of similarities to the show. It would have been cool if they had used Edward James Olmos, Castillo from the original series, as the lieutenant.

I say this because I can't imagine the Castillo they used in the movie doing martial arts like in the original series. Let's just say the guy they cast in the movie has eaten one to many donuts. Then again, he is a cop so it is appropriate.

I don't know if you remember me bitching about how my left foot was hurting a while back. It was really causing me grief because I would just walk a little and I had a massive stabbing pain shoot up my foot to my hip. Not fun in the least. I tracked the genesis of this problem to a pair of ratty slippers that had NO arch support. So last week I went and got me these... these... oh man I don't remember what they're called. Here's a picture of them anyway.

I rather like them. Mostly because they're not opened toe, which I abhor. I like my shoes to be practically stuck to my feet, not easily flung off if I step funny or something. Whatever, I like my new shoes. Time to get something to eat.
End Communication.

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