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A Maltese Falcon Night -- 08.24.06
I only have a week and a half of freedom before school starts again. I'm half looking forward to the start of class and half not. It's a strange mixture that I'm sure will subside once I'm sitting in class... maybe. LOL If it doesn't oh well, I have no choice but to bear up with it.

Last night I went to see "The Maltese Falcon" at the Arclight cinemas.

It's a movie I've seen a bunch of times, but seeing in an actual theater made it quite a different experience. First there is the element of it being on a huge screen, which really is the way movies should be seen. Then there was the audience. The movie has a lot of great lines, so sitting there I was no surprised when a lot of the funnier lines got laughs. But in a way I was surprised because the first thing that pops to mind is not how funny the movie is. Either way it was fun to go see it.

Before the movie I went to Canter's deli in the Fairfax district. As you know I'm a big fan of pastrami, and I'm trying to visit all the places in L.A. that are famous for their pastrami.

The pastrami Reuben was good, but so far the pastrami I had at Langer's is the best I've tasted in town. Don't get me wrong, Canter's has a great sandwich. I especially liked the little sauce they have on the side that seems to be 1000 island dressing. Talia del Monte, who went with me to Canter's and the movie, thought it was 1000 island dressing. I agreed. I'll go back to Canter's for sure some day, if only because I didn't get a chance to check out the cheesecake.

I'm glad to report that my desk is finally relatively clear of stupid papers.

It's certainly not going to be easy to keep the desk clear, but I'm going to try. What I intend to do is basically clear out what I don't need at the end of each day. I know what you're saying, that policy is going to last a day and a prayer. Well, it's hopefully going to last longer than that.

And now the saga of my lost "Anne of Green Gables" DVDs. About two weeks ago I went on Amazon and found that the price of the "Anne of Green Gables" DVDs had gone down to a more reasonable price, $19 each. The first time I looked them up the price was a crazy $40 each. So now that I have a few extra bucks in my pocket I decided to indulge and buy the two DVDs. So I bought them and waited for them to arrive. As you know when you buy something online you very often get a tracking number that shows when your package is about to arrive. That way you can stand outside by the mailbox until the mail arrives. Well, on Tuesday of last week my cousins invited me to go to the Huntington Library. Upon returning home I went online to check the status of the order only to find the information saying that the package had already arrived. Well, I went outside to see if I had walked by the package sitting in the yard somewhere. I looked in the various spots that the mailman leaves packages and found nothing. I thought that maybe it was a mistake and I waited for the next day. The same thing happened, no package. Now the website showed that delivery had been confirmed. Confirmed?! What the hell? I figured it might be a mistake, so I waited until Thursday. When Friday arrived and no package I figured I best call the carrier.

They were very nice to me, and told me that they would investigate what the deal was. Well, I was at work when the call came in saying that they had checked and that they were sure that they had delivered the package. But, if it hadn't arrived that I should call Amazon and see what they can do. So I did, explaining what happened and how the package never arrived. They were very understanding and offered to resend the order, no expense to me. Well, Tuesday of this week I was feeling hungry a little late at night, so I went to get a burger. When I came back, as I closed the gate, I noticed that there was a package there from Amazon. I figured it was the new order, but then I noticed the date sent on the package. Sure enough it was the original package, finally arrived. Today I got the new order, and now I'll have to send it back to Amazon.

I have no idea where the package went, or why the carrier said that it was delivered. I'm thinking that it was delivered to the wrong house, since I will often get mail from my neighbors up the street or from another street in the same neighborhood. The box doesn't have any markings saying "Wrong address," or anything like that. So who knows where my package has been and why it arrived so late. Crazy.
End Communication.

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