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Back to School 2006 -- 09.05.06
(8:29am) I'm sitting in the back seat of my car in the parking structure at school waiting for class. I'm not entirely here yet though, if you know what I mean. The school changed the traffic pattern in the parking structure I usually park in and I don't like it. It was a total mess before they changed it, but now I think it's an even worse mess. I had to get up super early this morning in order to get this precious parking spot. Thankfully despite the bad traffic I'm sitting here early to class.

(10:17am) The first class went pretty fast, just a quick little introduction and more next time. My first class is Shakespeare, which promised to be really hard (still might). But, it looks pretty standard for now. Course by next week I might be cursing this class.

(10:52am) Talk about a small world, I just saw someone walk by that I've seen at work. They usually come in during the morning shift to buy something for breakfast. Now I see them walking right by me. Is this a sign that I need to expand my world? Who knows.

(7:56pm) I'm back home after a short day at school. I pretty much came home and ate lunch/dinner when I got home, and then listened to the radio. And now I'm sitting here writing this journal entry. As first days go this was actually quite easy. I do have homework already for one of my classes, but it's not so bad.

One sucky thing is that the powers that be thought to redirect the traffic pattern in the parking structure I always park in. It's remains to be seen if this change in orientation will help me find a parking spot. Actually, I'm thinking that for the first few weeks I'll just park in the other parking structure. That one is much easier to deal with. Although, I've only parked there like four times so I'm not even sure what to expect.

Before I go I wanted to mention something I forgot to mention last week. Last week this past Sunday I went to the movie theater that I ran into Stevie Wonder. My first thought was, "How cool is it that I'm standing feet away from Stevie Wonder?" My second thought was, "What the hell is Stevie Wonder doing at the movies?" I wish I knew what movie he went to see. My co-workers speculated that he went to see "Snakes on a Plane." Who knows for sure.
End Communication.

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