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Livin' on Potstickers, but not Sleep -- 09.12.06
If the first week of new semester is any indication of how I'll do then I'm fucked. I got home from school a little more than an hour and a half ago and I'm beat. I'm ready to pass out and just go to sleep. It's not like I'm physically tired, I'm almost never that kind of tired. I'm just always in a state of near sleep. Today is a good point. Before class this morning I was trying to read a play I was supposed to have had finished reading by today. While sitting in my car I found myself drifting into slumber over and over again. It is so perfectly frustrating to start reading an assignment over and over again because I fall asleep after reading a few lines. At that rate I'll never finish the damn thing, and I'll fail this miserable class. Thankfully the professor for that class brought in a video of said play, which was confusing enough. Shakespeare wrote some really great stuff, but reading it is not the proper way to experience his work. A play is meant to be seen acted out, not read. That's why it's a play. Argh, in my state of near slumber I find it hard to remember who is saying what. The complexity of such a thing is doubled because the play has two sets of twins being mistaken for the other. ARGH!

The morning drive is a bit silly these days. I leave for school super early in order to get a parking spot. I'm avoiding the parking structure I used to park in because it's a mess in the morning.

The other parking structure has an easier layout, so it's super easy to just drive up and get a parking spot. Getting to school is painful though. Getting off at the desired exit on the freeway is a challenge because of the light that controls the intersection. The lane is an exit only lane that often has stopped cars nearly half a mile before the actual exit. This makes for some dangerous moments when some idiot forgets that he/she wanted to get out at Nordhoff and suddenly wants to get off. But because there's a line of cars they can't just go into the lane. Some bright idiots just slow to a stop in the second to last lane, despite the fact that the traffic in that lane is going at highway speeds (example pictured below).

This creates another long line of stopped cars. Every time I'm sitting in the exit lane and I see someone stopping in the other lane I think to myself, "I hope there isn't a huge truck coming." More than once I've seen a truck nearly plow into a car because the car driver is stupid enough to think that it's OK to stop their car in a lane in which every car behind them is traveling at 70 MPH. ARGH!

For some reason my left ear keeps popping. This morning, after my shower, I was using a Q-tip to dry my ear when I noticed the popping sound. It's been there before, but it's usually associated with me drying my ear. Today it went beyond that into popping every time I opened my mouth a certain way. I'll yawn and every time I'll get that stupid popping sound coming out of my ear.

Continuing my bitch-fest for today I'll continue by bringing up my lunch. I've been eating a lot of pot stickers lately. Food bores me, unless it's a good burger and fries. Sadly there aren't very many places around the Valley that have really good burgers and fries. Tommy's is my favorite, but there isn't one near school, or super near home. Anyway, right now I nearly passed out after writing that last paragraph. I'm sure the world needs someone to... hell, I just had a moment in which I....

(Approximately 25 minutes later) I must have passed out for a little while because just a few moments ago the phone ringing woke me up. After hanging up the phone I noticed that notepad, which is where I type and edit my journal entries, was filled with the letter "K." I must have hit it as I was sleeping (pictured below).

See what I mean about not having enough sleep? I'm a sleepy bastard, in need of mass quantities of sleep during the night. But do I get these mass quantities? You guessed it, I don't. For most people eight hours is the standard amount of time they need to sleep in order not to be a total zombie during the day. For me it's more like nine to ten hours. Yet, most nights I'll get half that and that's why I just passed out. I need my sleep. :(

Oh, before I forget, they gave me a bit of a promotion at work. I'm now what is known as a combo-clerk. Which means Iíll get to work the register from time to time. Which means a little more money at the end of the day. I'm not entirely comfortable on the register just yet, but that's because I don't know all the produce codes, and the various procedures. That will come in time. But honestly, I didn't think I'd still be at this job some six months later. I really haven't had the time, or inclination, to look for something else. Well, there were those two things at the beginning of the summer, but when those fell through I ended up not looking any further.

Last week I didn't get to write about this but since I'm relatively awake, and I just saw the note I left myself about this subject, I'm going to talk about it now. I don't know if you've been watching a little show called "Celebrity Duets," but if you haven't you have to because it's a super great train wreck. I love train wreck TV. What got to me the other day is how much of a train wreck some of the celebrities career's have fallen, especially the singers singing these duets with B and C level celebrities. The other night Belinda Carlisle sung (I think it was Heaven is a Place on Earth) with Lea Thompson (who is still super cute). One question came to mind as I watched her sing, do you think that some 20 years ago Belinda thought she'd be singing one of her hits on some silly show like Celebrity Duets?

Oh man, another thing from my notes I haven't mentioned even though it's been there for weeks. I want to make a 35mm capable pinhole camera that can take with me anywhere I want. That way I can take several pictures and have them printed out at a photo lab. After which I can scan them onto the computer and post them online. Anyway, I need two things, a design and time to build it. Both of which I don't have. :(
End Communication.

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