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Coincidence? You decide -- 09.16.06
I'm in the mood to write right now. It's nearly my bed time but I just wanted to start to blab a little. Since there's no one around to talk to I've come to my bestest of friends to spill my beans out of the bag. Funny though, I just started to think about what I wanted to write about and I can't think of what it was specifically. I guess I'll just start to write and see what comes out. It will be a surprise to me as well.

So it's already week two of school. This semester promises to rush by me so fast that I'll only see it in my rearview mirror, or in random pictures I take and look back on in a year's time. Speaking of that I just went through my files to see what was happening a year ago. There's nothing I care to share with you all actually. Just a couple of pictures of me cutting a silly cake. Honestly, I don't like this whole birthday idea. I'd love to just go to a restaurant, sit in a booth by myself and have a great hamburger. Kinda like how I did a few weeks ago when I went to the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. Man, that was some good bacon on that burger. But I digress.

There's a guy at work that became a checker a few weeks ago (before me mind you), and he's saying how embittered he is from dealing with the customers. Man, I have to say that I can literally count the number of times I've had problems with customers on one hand, and I'd still have fingers leftover. Then again, I haven't been dealing with customers from the checker’s point of view that often. They had me working the check stand last week, but not this week. I was told to get on a check stand, but my stupid password wouldn't work. So they just put someone else on. They must think I don't want to do it. You know what? I honestly don't want to do it. I love having the run of the store. I can jump from place to place and never have the same day twice. Still, I need a new job. LOL

I need a swig of Coke, brb. OK, for some reason the song "Imagine" in my ears just made me think about my Grandmother. I miss her SO MUCH. This will be the second birthday I've had without her around and it makes me completely sad. It's not fair that I can't tell her how much I miss her. You know that expression that people overuse to the point that it's now a cliché, like I think about so and so every day? Well, sometimes the clichés are true.

Moving on, do you think it's possible to will something into happening? I think a lot of people would say yes. I'm not talking about wishing, but rather knowing more like you know something will happen even before it happens because you can see the cosmic wheel clicking a certain way, and maybe you gave it a little nudge with your will. I don't know but I've had things like this happen to me quite a few times in my life that it seems to be more than just a coincidence. Submitted for your approval, two unrelated events linked only by the fact that they happened to me. One event from the distant past and one that just happened this past Thursday night.

Years ago I had a friend that had L.A. Kings season tickets. He would invite me to about two or three games a season. On one occasion I told him that I was wearing my lucky wish granting pants and that all he had to do was tell me what he wanted and it would happen. I told him that maybe we should try for something small at first. He said, "OK, how about you make number 17 score the first goal of the night." I closed my eyes and rubbed my lucky pants. But really it was all for show, I never had to do all that to make things happen. Well, about half way into the first period number 17 scored the first goal of the game, for the other team. It turns out there was a number 17 on the other team. My friend turned to me and said, "I meant the guy on our team." I told him, "How am I supposed to know there was a number 17 on the other team?" Sure enough though, number 17 on the Kings scored the next goal. How crazy is that?

Now we jump to this past Thursday night. I'm in my English 490 class when the professor tells us to call out numbers in order to see who is going to be in what group. After counting off numbers we broke into groups. Before I go much further with this I should tell you that there's a girl in that class that has me mesmerized. I saw her walk into the class on the first night and I found myself entranced with her. I know what you're thinking, she was in my group. Wrong, she wasn't. She was in a group on the other side of the classroom. Yet, in the back of my head I knew that she would be in my group because I saw it happening when the teacher said we were going to break into groups. The way she ended up in my group is that the teacher thought there were too many groups with too few people. So he said, "That group over there, I'm going to distribute you to the other groups. It was strange because I KNEW that this girl would end up in my group even before we started counting off numbers to see what group we would be in.

Now, are these two events a matter of pure coincidence or are they some sort of anecdotal "evidence" of something else? I'd like to almost prove this in the affirmative by "willing" something to happen to someone else I know, like how I picked out who was going to score the first goal of a game. Maybe one of you, those of you who read all the way down here, can help me with this experiment. Tell me, what do you want to happen? Maybe I can make it happen. If I can't, well, you're where you were before. If I do, however, how cool would that be? Anyway, I've used my allotted time here. I best get to bed in order to get up for work tomorrow. Can't get enough sleep, that's my motto.
End Communication.

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