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Each Other -- 09.21.06
Thursday is my longest day at school. I arrive early, around 8 a.m., in order to get a nice parking spot and avoid the rush later. I then have class from 9:30 a.m. to 6:45 in the evening, with various long breaks in between mind you. By the time I get home it's usually half past seven, or nearly eight. Today the day felt longer because I didn't feel well. I wrote some things on my notepad, and I'm going to share them with you right now.

8:37am - I'm here in the back seat of my car, alone, reading before class starts. I'm not feeling all that great right now.

9:49am - I ended up skipping my morning class because of how I'm feeling. I just feel a general blah feeling right now, nothing I can pin-point to any one thing. It's thankfully not that pain on my right side, which was bothering me yesterday during class. I'm probably dying, and that pain is the symptom. OH well.

10:30am - I'm trying to read my book for my next class, but I'm falling asleep.

I wrote more but those are random thoughts on various other things, like a story idea, a poster idea for my other journal, and something for a poem I've been working on since last week. I eventually went to my other two classes, but even now I'm not feeling all that well. I'm happy that I don't have to work until 3pm tomorrow. The only thing that sucks about that is that I won't be getting out of work until midnight. ARGH! Remind me again why I'm still at that job? Oh yeah, no one else will hire me. Oh, and I haven't put any applications in since who knows when. I need to get out of there but the sucky thing is that it allows me the flexibility I need for school.

Sadly it will not provide me with enough money for a new car right now. And I'm in serious need of a replacement. Yesterday on my way home the car started really acting up on the freeway. I wondered if I would make it home. Thankfully I did, but the truth is the car is dying. Every little thing on it is falling apart. Case in point, the windshield wipers. I replaced them, but during the summer they totally died. It wasn't a problem seeing as I haven't had to deal with dew. Well, today I had to deal with it. Here is the result of using my wipers (pictured below).

I could hardly see where I was going. Thankfully only a small part of my trip is me heading East. The damn 405 entrance near Sepulveda and Ventura, where I would get on if it wasn't closed, needs to open soon. Because as it is right now I have to drive up Ventura to Sepulveda until I reach Burbank Blvd. It's such a hassle, and a waste of time. But, the freeway entrance isn't supposed to open before 2008, at the earliest. So if we do the math, and I'm graduating in 2007, then I won't have much need for that damn entrance. Then again I don't know where I'll end up after graduation.

OK, here's some random stuff. I got into a little discussion with a friend Tuesday night about the word "eachother," and how it really doesn't exist despite the fact that people insist on using it incorrectly. The correct use is two words, "each other." So please, the next time you're going to write each other make sure to put that space between them. I'm pretty sure you won't find the word eachother in any dictionary, except some 3rd rate one. Doubt me and I'll just point you to the Oxford English dictionary for reference. They certainly don't have it as a single word.

Moving on, I'm thinking of getting another computer to supplement the one I have now. The notebook I have now is not super young, hence it slows down at times. Also, it's a notebook but it's also heavy. And the battery life on it is nearly non-existent. So my idea is to get another, smaller and more powerful, computer to supplement the one I have now. I would basically use the new computer at school and anywhere else outside the house. I'm leaning towards getting one of those new Macs because I'm pretty tired of dealing with Microsoft. Also, the Apple just seems to be more thought out than PCs. The Mac I'm looking to get has wi-fi and bluetooth already integrated, and is just smaller than the PC notebooks I've seen. That is unless I want to drop over three grand on a computer that's the thickness of a wafer. While that would be great, I don't have three grand to drop. If I did I would drop it on a new car, not a computer. Hell, even the grand I would have to pay for a new notebook would be better spent on a car, but I can't make the payments on my paltry salary.

Moving on, and this is completely random: I downloaded Skype the other night, and installed it. Now I just have to find a friend that also has it so I can talk to them. Story of my life. LOL

In just over a week I'll be sitting in Club 33 at Disneyland, courtesy of a friend of mine. Woo hoo! I'll have pictures of the place next Sunday probably. :) Until then, I can't wait for this week to go by.
End Communication.

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