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Info Desk = Catbird Seat? -- 10.11.06
Monday I drove down to school to sign up for a job at the library, which I got. The following is a picture of the view I'm going to be treated to for approximately six hours a week, while I man the library's information desk.

As you can see there are people walking by as they walk towards the exit. In addition to that there is the info desk itself (which I was standing behind when I took the picture), as well as some items on the info desk. I don't think you need me to figure out what's on the info desk. You can certainly see that for yourself. But yeah, I got a job at the library. Which means in a year's time I've gone from having no jobs to having two jobs. If I count my schooling as a job I might want to consider myself an honorary Haitian. So now I've given up my only day off to work another job that might suck, but I suspect won't suck.

Also, on my Mondays off I don't get any homework done, and I pretty much sit around the house thinking about what I might want to eat and not doing so until late in the afternoon. So yeah, this isn't a bad thing, especially since I might just ask crappy Ralph's to not schedule me on either Friday's or Saturdays. They have me working the register more often now, so I'll be making more money there anyways. Combine that with the new super library job and I'll be rolling in dough in no time.

Actually money isn't important to me as a means of measuring success. I rather hate that about money. I like money for what I can do with it. I love just going out and buying myself a good meal, or traveling somewhere, or buying something cool like my new computer. I know that money doesn't bring or buy happiness in and of itself. Also, buying and possessing all the extravagant things a lot of money can afford doesn't bring happiness either. I'm a happy guy as a general rule and I'm penniless. LOL But seriously folks, I find more pleasure in the simple things. Like how a couple of weeks ago I went down to Pasadena and had a great time. The coolest thing about the trip wasn't the pastrami sandwich I had for lunch, it was a convenience store I saw in old Pasadena. I should have taken a picture of it, but it was just cool to see this little mini store with a little bit of everything. What I especially loved was the huge assortment of drinks and sodas. But I digress, because not to do so would cause me to just go on some tangent.

On a completely different subject, the other day at work this woman came in and arranged her groceries like she was playing a game of Tetris (pictured below).

It was rather funny because she said that since the person in front of her was taking so long that she decided to arrange her things. Funny huh?

You know, I never really got into the whole dressing up for Halloween tradition, though for the longest time I've wanted to dress up like a droog. If you don't know what that is my brothers and only friends I suggest you viddy it up on Google. Although, I just did and it didn't really show what a droog is. Well hell, I can't find a good picture of it, so you'll just have to rent the movie "A Clockwork Orange" to see what I'm talking about, OK?

The reason I mentioned costumes in the first place was because the other day this girl was walking around campus in a Ghostbuster's costume (pictured below).

The Proton pack in the back was the kicker for me because it completed the costume. Anyway, I have an hour before I have to get going for class. OMG, I hope that teacher shows us a movie instead of jabbering about some nonsense.
End Communication.

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