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Lost my Shoes and it's Cold -- 10.16.06
Have I shown you my new Macbook?

Now I have. I finally got my wi-fi set-up at home working. For some reason my main computer wasn't connecting to the internet, even though the Mac was. Strange, but at least it's working now. The Macs take a little getting used to because Macs do things differently than Windows based machines. Like the right click button, the Macs don't have it. Though they have another way of doing what the right click button does in Windows. I really love my new Macbook. It's pretty and small and it just works. I know I keep saying how it "just works," but it's refreshing to find a machine that is engineered to work right out of the box. So yeah, if you see me on campus, come over and ask me to show you my Mac. :)

Speaking of campus, a funny thing happened to me this past Wednesday. A girl was walking by me, the girl whose job I supposedly stole (my new library job). She had bear feet and wanted to go to the bathroom. She said, "Ewww," and then asked me if she could borrow my shoes. I hesitated but then thought about how I would have this story to tell later so I said "Fine" and lent her my shoes. Here I am sitting in Manzanita Hall without my shoes while a crazy girl wears them into the woman's bathroom.

It's 70 degrees out, which means everyone in L.A. is going to get their "winter" coat out because it's "cold."

This guy was wearing a coat and it was nearly 75 outside. Brrrr! Admittedly I do feel a little chilly these days, but not enough to start wearing a coat. When you think about how this summer there were days when it was over 115 degrees something like 75 is relatively cold. So yeah, I can't beat this guy up too much. A couple of more degrees and I'm wearing my coat too.

Damn, I can't type anymore. I made so many mistakes these days, it's not even funny. My poor backspace button is practically dead these days. I find that I have to backspace a lot. Oh, and that the button sometimes needs to be pushed twice in order for it to work. Whatever!

Today was my first day manning the information booth at school. I know I sent some someone to the wrong place, but then again I did have some questions that even Kreskin couldn't answer. Not really, I just want to make it sound like it was super hard. It wasn't, though I didn't get to do as much of my homework as I needed to. Then again, thankfully my professor said she only wanted the thesis (whatever that is) by today. Tomorrow I'll show up and have my thesis in paper form. I did get a jump on the paper that's due this Friday. Since I work on Friday then it's really going to be due on Thursday for me. Everyone else will get that extra day... bastards! So yeah, once again, if you're on campus and you're not doing anything around the hours of 10am to 2pm on Mondays, come over and say hi to me. Oh, and Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm. Yay me!

I'm off to watch a little Monday Night Football now, and get some food in my belly.
End Communication.

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