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Stupid damn Stupidity -- 10.24.06
I should be out the door right now but my morning class was canceled. Thankfully the professor was nice enough to send her class an email telling us she wasn't going to make it on account of the flu. So few professors are that considerate.

I had this STUPID assignment due on yesterday (Monday) for one of my boring English classes. Fuck! This semester really fucking sucks! It's the most BORING and not challenging semesters I've ever had to deal with. Last semester I found it hard to stay up because I was so tired. These days I'm not so much tired as I am bored. Bored of stupid assignments, go nowhere lectures, and of plain bad stories.

The assignment that I turned in yesterday was so silly because it was pointless. As I was telling someone yesterday, is that there is only the only thesis one can logically argue. That doesn't make for a very good assignment, because our professor wants us to not argue that ONE possible conclusion. ARGH!

I was close to just saying "Fuck it" and not doing the assignment. But the professor could see that the assignment was so flawed that she dumbed it down for us, and amended it as well as making it count for less points. That I don't mind because it means we're nearly guaranteed at least a "C" on it. Whew! I like the sound of that.

Last week I was falling asleep in my Film as Literature class, from boredom. I tell you, this semester SUCKS so much. Why is it that EVERYONE of my classes this semester SUCK so much? This is my bored semester for sure. No wonder I'm ready to pass out in all of my classes. I ask you, how can one stay awake if you're fighting both being sleep deprived and mind-numbing boredom? Thats a deadly combination if you ask me.

I hate my stupid cable company. This week they dropped a few of my favorite channels from it's line-up. I mean what the fuck is going on? They charge me more than ever for fewer channels. And of course the channels they drop can't be something I never watch, like the fucking lame golf channel. No, it can't be that channel, it has to be: The Travel Channel, Turner Classic Movies, Home Shopping channel, and a couple others I can't remember right now. The other day my uncle mentioned that he loves satellite TV, which I'm seriously considering right now. I fucking hate cable companies because they bill you for a bunch of crappy channels that they get for free just because those channels blow so much. I haven't ONCE watched the mother-fucking golf channel, or lame-ass MSNBC, or the ballbusting trinity channel. So why are those stupid channels still on my line-up? FUCK!

It's time for me to get going and go to stupid class. Hope I don't fall asleep in class, though I'm pretty sure I'll doze off sometime today.
End Communication.

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