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Perchance to Sleep -- 11.05.06
My dream, my only wish these days is to get to sleep in one morning. I'm so completely sleepy all the time, often dozing off in class because they're boring and I'm sleepy. The fact that they're boring sure doesn't help me stay up, that's for fucking sure.

This weekend at work really sucked at times. They're putting me on the register about 75% of the time I'm there now, which is kinda good but also kinda bad. I get paid more, which is good. But, then I have to deal with more idiots than before. There was a gem of a customer today that didn't want certain things together. She made me repack her groceries a few times. I was going to say something to her but then I though, "man, this lady is so out of it. Why bother saying anything to her." With that any animus I was feeling at the time just left me and I actually began to pity the poor woman. After that I helped her out to her car with the knowledge that I was the only one that didn't completely lose it when dealing with her. Everyone at the store apparently knew her and stayed away. Only dummy me showed up and helped her with her groceries. Oh well, I always get EVERY dirty job that needs to be done. On days like today I wonder how the hell that store survives without me there. Then again, I know that they don't because I'll drive by and there will be a million carts outside. ARGH! I so need to get out of that job already.

Speaking of stupidity, what it is about those who have horrible breath that compels them to spread their vial odor all over my face? Case in point, this past Wednesday I'm sitting in the hallway before class when this smelly guy (B.O. as well as bad breath) sits RIGHT next to me. And I mean RIGHT next to me. He obviously has no grasp of the notion of "personal space." I remember reading somewhere that in our society it's considered rather awkward to sit next to someone if there are other seats around. Like say you're on an empty bus and some one sits RIGHT next to you. That's considered awkward because THEY made an effort to sit next to you even though there are empty seats all around.

So yeah, this smelly guy sits next to me despite the fact that there is a LOT of room in the hallway to sit far far away from me. This despite the fact that he's talking to someone who is sitting on the OTHER side of the hallway. BASTARD smelly guy! After a few moments I couldn't take the smell of his breath as he talked to his dumb friend, so I packed up my computer and went into class. The friend that was sitting across from me was a bit strange. She kept staring at me and giving me a dirty look. I had my iPod on so I couldn't hear what she and the smelly guy were talking about. Like I said, I picked up my stuff and went to class. As I got up I could see them both giving me the evil eye. Fuck, what the hell did I do? ARGH, people are stupid!

It's just how this horrible semester has been going. I don't know what it is about this semester but all my classes really suck. This time last year I was having the time of my life in all my classes, especially my photography and poetry classes. This year every stupid class I'm taking sucks SO MUCH. I miss the classes I had a year ago. :( I can't believe that I'm not getting enough sleep because of these cocksucking classes. Shit, piss, fuck!

Despite not having any time for anything I'm still trying to have some sort of a life. Last night I went with a few co-workers to see Borat, which was insanely funny. I mean I haven't laughed so much in a long time. The movie made me laugh so hard that I think my throat has now been permanently damaged. If you haven't seen the movie go see if. Hell, if any of you who live here in L.A. with me want to go see the movie this coming Saturday I'd love to see it again.

Speaking of having a life, I was lucky enough to snag one of the early reservations to go see the newly restored Griffith Observatory. The observatory has been closed for about five years now. In that time its been getting a full restoration as well as expansion. From what I have seen on the short TV reports the place looks brand new. I'll take pictures, but I'm going in the early evening, and you know how early it gets dark these days. Still, I'm looking forward to checking out what over $90 million buys these days.
End Communication.

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