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Catching Sleep, Finding Lethargy -- 11.08.06
Monday I came home half dead. I had dinner and basically passed out afterwards. I felt so tired that I went to sleep at 7pm. SEVEN PM! When was the last time you went to sleep that early? I think I was five when I went to sleep that early. As I write this sentence it's 9:30am and I'm beat. I mean I'm ready to sleep for another eleven hours straight. I was just talking to a classmate and she thinks that my lethargy is a symptom of being sick. I thought I had gotten over the last of my various ailments. (more in a minute, class has started)

In between classes now, trying to digest this liver and onions that is called James Joyce's "Ulysses." I'm sitting at this big table all by myself, probably because I suck and no one wants to sit next to me. That's pretty typical for me. Hell, I shouldn't be complaining seeing as I have this lovely table all to MYSELF.

I fucking hate driving my Father's car! Monday morning the pains of driving this stupid car came to a head. The damn stupid radio sucks, and turns off without a warning. It's super frustrating to be listening to a song and then have it cut off because the radio turns off. The other day I drove the car to work. After having the stupid radio turn off about four times in a span of a minute I just went and punched the damn thing. Course, I don't hit it square, and I end up hurting my pinky knuckle. Typical for me.

Nothing is going to come easy this week, I just know it. This fucked up shit is driving me nuts. To the point that I just want to go and get some stupid sleep and not wake up for a month. I called the insurance company Monday, like my dad told me to, and it all went wrong. My father isn't very open with information, which makes me wonder how the hell my mother saw anything in him. I mean come on, say something. So I gave them the wrong info, which I now have to fix. The lady said that I had to sign something for them, but the stupid company is all the way in Bakersfield. I don't have the time to get a full night's sleep let along go to Bakersfield. Fuck me!

On top of that I'm sure that I sent a dozen people to the wrong place at the library Monday. I have no idea how I'm still sleepy. I fucking slept for 11 hours last night! This has to be some sort of joke being played on. The only good news so far today is that I got a nice fat 80 on my Shakespeare test. The teacher added four points because she made a mistake, but even without those four extra points I got a nice grade for a test that I didn't even study for. So, despite not having any sleep, having crappy classes, and being half asleep in class, I'm actually doing OK this semester. Course, this is only one test in one class, but it's a positive.

I fucking hate that this school only has shit tasting pepsi for sale. If I could have an ice cold Coke right now I'd feel a little better. It's almost time for class and the sooner it's done the better. I'm hungry and I'm going to the Griffith Observatory tonight to see the renovated building. I've been looking forward to this for the last four years, and finally the date has come! I'll try and take a bunch of pictures, but I'm going at around 5pm. And you know how nowadays it's dark by that time. We'll see what I can get anyways.

(hours later) I'm back from the tour of the Griffith observatory and I have pictures.

External at just before sunset.

A model of the expansion, which is underground.

The obvervatory at sunset.

The camera obscura.

The new Gunther Depths of Space exhibits.

Astronomer's monument.

The observatory looks incredible. The new additions have really added a lot to the original building and exhibits. From top to bottom the observatory feels brand new. The planetarium show is really cool as well, though I wish it was longer. I'm so glad I was able to experience this, especially now that I'm so overwhelmed with school and work.

Speaking of school, I have class tomorrow and I'm beat. There are more pictures from the observatory on Vista Drive, go have a look.
End Communication.

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