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Tree today, Gone tomorrow -- 12.04.06
I wanted to update this journal since before this past weekend, but then Thursday I felt really horrible during my English 490 class. So when I came home I pretty much just passed out. The next day I woke up fairly early in order to get to work at crappy Ralph's on time. Well, about an hour into my shift I started to get this horrible headache that only got more unbearable the longer I had it. They had me mopping up a little mess and every stroke of the mop made my head pulsate. I basically spent the rest of the shift trying not to think about the fact that my head was throbbing.

Thankfully by Saturday night I felt so much better, though during the day I was still feeling the aftereffects of being sick. The good thing was that whatever I had basically came and went in about a day. Here's what I wrote before I dropped into bed, as I was trying to update this journal.

(8:07pm Friday) I'm minutes away from going to bed because I have work early tomorrow morning. But, I'm not entirely sure I'm going to feel well enough to go. I've felt sick since last night before going to my late class. During class I was ready to pass out. I got home and dropped into bed. Today I went to work, but I was like a zombie, barely able to think from the headache I suffered through all day. A few minutes back I took my temperature and I'm running a slight fever. :( I hope I feel better tomorrow. Not for work but because I don't want to get sick right now. No time is ever convenient, but with a oral report due this coming Thursday I need to be healthy right now.

Since the theme of this entry seems to be things that are here today and then gone tomorrow I have to tell you about what happened at "Wayne's Tree." A little background on what this is though first. West of the school library there's a lawn area with a bunch of trees that are leaning towards the west. You can't miss them if you're walking by them because of their size. Well, the reason why this complex of three trees is called "Wayne's Tree" is because my boss from the library, Wayne, has sat under that tree, during his lunch break, for the last twenty years. This past week we've had windy conditions, enough that there are high wind warnings issued for certain areas around town.

Last Wednesday we, the Wayne gang you might call us, were sitting under the tree talking when we heard a cracking sound. We all looked up and saw a tiny branch break off. We figured that was what caused the noise, but in the back of our head we knew that the sound was way too loud to have just been from a little branch. Wayne even commented that we should think about moving away from the tree because part of it might fall on us. Well, over the weekend the tree gave way and here are the pictures.

So now the whole Wayne gang is wondering where we're going to hang out, and more importantly, what is Wayne going to do without a tree. Thankfullyol ' crafty Eric came up with the good idea to plant a new tree, and have a plaque commemorating Wayne, where the old tree stood. Now knowing me I won't actually get to do any of the footwork done, but at least I can claim that I came up with the idea. How cool is THAT? LOL Seriously though, that's been my hang out spot since last semester, and now it's blocked off because the tree surgeons are cutting up the old beast.

I walked by and around the art department at school today. It was like visiting an old friend because of the time I spent there my first semester atCSUN . The place didn't look that different, though it was pretty empty. There was this one girl that looked at me while I was walking around the kilns probably thinking "What the hell is that guy doing here?"

Anyway, I have to get up early tomorrow.
End Communication.

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