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Happy Ass-hole-lery -- 12.11.06
This weekend the question that kept coming to mind was, "Why do people have to be such assholes?" I especially asked the question in light that this time of year is SUPPOSED to be a time of goodwill. Like so many things in this world, that notion is complete BULLSHIT. Well duh, you might be saying, the entire world is nothing but a big pile of bullshit. I should have known better, huh? No one cares about goodwill, they just care about their own sorry asses. Meanwhile trying to be a good example for the world fells more like I'm repeatedly hitting my head against a wall. Because NO ONE follows a good lead, they follow the easy lead, which is being an asshole.

I'm saying all this because this weekend work sucked more than ever. I know I keep saying that but that should tell you one thing, work is sucking more and more every week. I'm so fucking tired of the bullshit at this point. It's bad enough that all my classes this semester have been total bullshit, but then work gets shittier by the minute. On Friday and Saturday I decided that I would just turn my brain off, in order to combat the bullshit. Sure enough I was doing well until stupid dummy me decided to turn my brain on on Sunday. The boredom, the constant idiocy, then overtook me and I started to feel bad again. I mean my job is a pile of big shit. This is a multi -million dollar company that I'm working for and they can't figure out to have enough sponges for us to use. It's just a complete joke at this point. Dummy me, dreaming the impossible dream, is considering writing the company president with a HUGE list of grievances. I'm mad enough to just let it all out and point out every SINGLE dumb thing that happens at the store. I can't say that it's the whole company, in fairness, just my stupid store.

Still, from the managers to the customers, this weekend proved to me that people are simply assholes. No one can give a single bit of themselves. It's all about them being late, about them being hungry, or saving fifty cents on an item that costs $50 or something. It's just boring at this point, and I can't wait until I find another job. I don't want to be there another day. This coming semester I'm going to have more work at the library, which I'm very happy to take. These hours will be my escape from the idiocy of Ralphs (I hope).

I had my speech this past Thursday and since then my brain has shut down. I have one of my English finals due this Thursday and I'm super unmotivated to do any of the work. My mind has already checked out, and it's not just a case of senioritis . My classes have sucked so much this semester that it's not even funny. The semester has gone by super fast, which is the only plus in this whole equation. Other than the classes going fast I can't really say that I've enjoyed this semester very much. The time away from class has been really great, funny enough. But, while in the past my classes have been fun, this semester they have all been a drag. I mean they have literally put me to sleep. I've wanted to sleep in every one of my classes, and have done so in at least half of them. This semester has taught me the biggest lesson in life, and the lesson is, life is BULLSHIT.

In a completely different subject, because I need to change the subject... SPIDER-MAN 3! I know they can pretty much make anything look good on a movie trailer, but the new Spider-man movie previews look so fucking great. They have gotten the first two Spider-man movies right, I find it hard to believe that they would fuck this one up. Either way I'm completely psyched about the movie coming out, and it doesn't come out until may 2007. It's something I'm really looking forward to, what can I say? Especially in light of what's been going on lately. I seriously need a good escape movie to watch, but I don't have the time anyways. Everything sucks, you know that?

Anyways, I have to get up at freaking 4am tomorrow because I'm taking my father to the airport. I wanted to talk about my relationship with my father, but there isn't time tonight to get into that whole shit. Suffice to say, whatever.
End Communication.

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