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Almost Done 2006 -- 12.17.06
I stayed home from work today (Sunday) because I have a cold. Around an hour before I was going to clock out yesterday I was already feeling the effects of the oncoming cold. I was listless and tired. When I got home I felt worse, getting the shivers as I changed into my PJs. I fell into bed and didn't get up until 10am this morning. Right now I'm happily watching football, feeling a little better, but still achy. It's never a good time to get sick, but certainly it's not a good time right now for me. I have finals all this week, which are hard enough without having to battle a cold.

A week from now I'll be all done with my stupid classes this semester and I'll be able to put some distance between me and this awful semester. This semester, as I've written over and over again, has been complete torture of boring stupid classes and endless sleepiness. I'm going to try and enjoy the two weeks off because I start back working at the library between school semesters. Also, my cousin and his wife are coming for a visit during those two weeks. I'm super looking forward to them coming, because I'll be able to show them around, and that will be part of my enjoyment.

Because I honestly need some time to meditate and reflect on this year. These days I find that I'm more apt to put my headphones on and ignore pretty much everything around me. It's my way of surviving through the onslaught of stupidity and Christmas animosity. Because really this whole peace on Earth, goodwill towards each other, is nothing but a big pile of bullshit. There is no Christmas spirit anymore. There are moments of goodness, but they are few and far between. On Friday a customer couldn't buy a couple of candy bars because their food stamp card didn't have any value on it (no cash). Well, as soon as they knew that they walked away. A customer said to the woman, "Wait," and then turned to me to say, "Charge it on my bill." I just about cried at that moment because of the small generosity that man showed at that moment. Even now that moment makes me not lose hope that there are good people out there who are not like the majority of us, avarice and selfish.

I signed up for my Spring classes this week. If everything goes according to plan I'll be graduating this Spring. I say that in light of the fact that I have two finals this week that I might actually not pass. The one I'm super afraid of is the one for that horrible English 461 (Modern British Literature). The class has been a horrible waste of time because of the way the teacher has presented the material. I found myself totally bored by the subject matter as well as the assignments. It's ironic because the last day of class the professor expressed how she hoped the class taught us to bring ideas together. Honestly, the only thoughts that come to mind are bored and pointless. I've have slept though the class, barely getting by because her assignments have been so lame and far between. However, the final looks to be the one thing she basis the entire grade on, because I have only turned in ONE paper. So it will literally be the weight of that paper and the final that will determine my grade. See why I'm worried that by not passing the final I'm doomed? The other two finals I have should work out well. Still, I'm worried that I'll have to repeat English 461, which would be a disaster.

I don't have much money on reserve, nevertheless I want to get certain people in my life some nice presents. At the same time I want to get them something practical, not just something they'll abandon after a couple of weeks. Got any suggestions? Anyone? Remember the fact that I'm poor when you give me your suggestions.

I think I should go and get some more rest in hopes that I don't feel worse tomorrow than I do right now.
End Communication.

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