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The Last week of 2006 -- 12.29.06
Being that this is the last week of 2006 I've been trying to have some fun, before I go back to the full-time grind. My vacation ended today (Friday), but in the last four days I've done a bunch of little things. Working backwards, I went to Disneyland yesterday, though I got locked out because it was too full (pictured below).

Mind you, this picture is just of the line to get a ticket, not to get in. We figured that we best just stroll around the shops and eat with my cousins and my cousin's wife. This is the first time I've met her and I have to say she's real nice. :) I think my cousin did good with this girl.

Anyway, the day before that (Wednesday) we went to see "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3-D. I've been wanting to see it since Halloween, thankfully I got to see it before they stopped showing it. I think the last day is Jan. 4th. Also on Wednesday we walked the streets of Hollywood, which I've done but still. You know how it is when you see a place through someone else's eyes, it's cool (if they enjoy themselves that is). Tuesday I went to the county museum of art to see the Magritte exhibit, which was really cool. Which reminds me, I have to write Grafia to tell her I saw a Duane Michals there. :) It reminded me of her and her class. Ah memories.

It super sucks that I have to go work at crappy Ralph's this weekend. Although, today I got to meet Mr. T. It was so funny. I was walking up to the front after talking to him in the produce section, when I saw him standing at the checkout. I went up to him and said, "Hey fool," and he just laughed. It was so great because I'm ALWAYS calling people at work fools (as a term of endearment of course). I told him how I basically call everyone a fool at work and he just laughed again. I also talked to him about the show "The A-Team," which I watched when I was young. I talked to him about a specific episode of the show in which the team had to build a tank out of a van, and they used a washing machine to make a gun turret. He was like, "Oh, you remember that?" and laughed. He's a super nice guy and it was fun to meet him, especially since I got to call him a fool. LOL

My father's car, which he gave me to replace my ailing Subaru, is pretty much a dump of a car. The other day I noticed the oil light blink on and off, and then when I got home I noticed how it was leaking oil in big drips. Then, the damn thing's brake light went on. When I checked, sure enough, the damn thing was short on brake fluid. Bastard! Then, not happy with that, I drive home after a trip to Ikea a few days before Christmas and find that I have a flat tire. BASTARD! I fucking hate this damn car. If I could I would drive it into a wall and just get a new car. But, of course I can't afford a new car right now. So, I suffer with this piece of shit car. :(

Still, all of this stuff doesn't get me down because life is fucking good. For all the stupid stuff that has happened this year there has been more than an equal amount of good stuff that has happened. I still don't know my grades, and whether I passed all my classes, I been missing my Grandmother a lot lately just because it was this time two years ago that she was really sick, and I'm super in debt. Like I said though, life is ultra super good because of all the wonders that it offers. The world has wonders to satisfy desires both beautiful and gross. I'm focusing on the good and loving every minute of it. Work today was a bit easier because, well, maybe we'll go into the reasons for that in a later journal entry. For now I have get going because I have work early tomorrow. Suffice to say once again... well, you know.
End Communication.

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