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Falling Apart in 2007 -- 01.02.07

It's the second day of the new year and I'm sitting at home convalescing from my most recent illness. It seems like I've been getting sick more often than not these days. People in the know think that it's because I'm worn down from school and the two jobs. After finals I did break down and I got that cold that wouldn't go away. Finally it goes away, though I still have a bit of a sore throat even now, and I get sick yet again. So this time it's food poisoning, at least that's what I think it was. I mean it could be food poisoning, but you never know, maybe I'm dying.

Not happy with that the universe has my car falling apart. Not the old car, which is already dead, but the car my dad gave me to replace the Subaru. Here is an example of what's going on with this stupid Nissan.

The light on the far left is the brake light. Course that means that my brakes are going to go out on me and I'm going to crash into a wall. I've been filling the brake fluid on the car every few days because it is leaking. This fucking sucks because this really is a dangerous thing. If I forget to fill it up, or it just goes out, I might really crash into a wall somewhere. Not happy with that the car is also leaking motor oil. So on top of the car not being able to stop it might just stop working. On top of that the check engine light has been on since I got the car. ARGH ! I so just want to throw this car away. At this point I think I rather just walk everywhere. Hell, I'm thinking of just selling both cars for junk and getting a scooter, or a skateboard, whichever has more horsepower. Which probably means I'll be getting the skateboard. Oh well.

So this week I've had my cousin and his wife as guests. It's been really cool having them here. It's especially nice to hear them announce that they're pregnant. But anyway, last week we went to Disneyland, but didn't get in. We went last Thursday and was turned away at the parking lot tram. We got off the tram after hearing the announcement that they weren't selling any more tickets to Disneyland. I went up to an employee and asked him if it was true that Disneyland was closed. He said it was, and that they were only selling tickets to California Adventure. And who the hell wants to go to that?! Here's a picture of the ticket lines, which were longer than I've EVER seen them before.

Mind you, this isn't even the line to get in, it's the line to buy tickets. Of course we didn't go and buy any tickets. My cousin and his wife went the next day, but I had to work so I didn't go with them. It was OK though, the day before we went to see "The Nightmare before Christmas" in 3D at the ElCapitan theater. The 3D effects were fairly good, but mostly I wanted to see the movie on a big screen, because I can't remember seeing it on a big screen before.

I'm so looking forward to the winter break if only because I won't have to deal with stupid classes. I'll still be going to school nearly every day because I'll be working at the library, but at least I won't be in class. Whew! So yeah, if your on campus come to the library between one and five o'clock.

Hey, I almost forgot to tell you that I met Mr. T at work this weekend. He was buying some things while I was vacuuming the produce section. I talked to him a bit about how I remembered him from the show "The A-Team" while the produce guy was talking to him about "Rocky 3." Then, after I finished I went to the front of the store, where he was at one of the checkout lines. I went up to him and said, "Hey fool!" It was great because I call everyone a fool at work, and it's because of his character on "The A-Team." So it was really fun to call him a fool since he's the origin of that saying. OH, by the way, his reaction was to laugh. Dummy me would have had a picture with him if I hadn't have left the camera in the car. The one time I leave my camera in the car is the one day someone famous shows up. BASTARD!

Anyway, I'm still not feeling 100% so I best just go and get some more rest.
End Communication.

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