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Worst Week of the Year, I Hope -- 01.08.07
The first week of 2007 better not be an indication of how the rest of this year is going to go for me, because it was quite frankly one of the worst weeks I've ever had. First day of the new year I get sick, from either food poisoning or the flu, I'm not entirely sure. Then the brakes on my father's car, the one he generously gave me, go out and it costs me $660 to get them fixed. I could have used that sort of money for a new car, but I'm stuck having to repair this junk. That was Thursday, and since I was dropping over $600 on the car I figured that I might as well spend some money on myself. So I took the bus home and stopped off at the mall to eat something. I ended up eating at this shish kabob place (pictured below).

The girl behind the counter wasn't hospitable, and it made me wonder if I shouldn't just have a stupid generic Subway sandwich, or yet another Carl's Jr. burger. Well, I stuck it out and ordered. Stupid me should have asked her if the one I was ordering was the one I thought I was ordering. Because when my order was ready I saw that I had ordered the wrong thing. The error had been entirely my fault, not the sour girl behind the counter's error. I had just ordered the wrong thing, but thankfully it was good. A little bland, so I went over to the Mexican food place and got some bland salsa and fixed up the bland kabob. I had a hankering for a milkshake, so I up and bought it. Hey, what's $3 when you just dropped over $600? Right?

Being full of food I decided that I would rather walk to the other bus stop, the one for the bus that would take me home. Part of me didn't want to wait, and another part just wanted to take a stroll. Course, wouldn't you know that the second neared the stop that I would have gotten off from the dash bus it drives up right besides me. Typical.

Still, I wouldn't have gotten this cool shot of a stenciled Sleestak on the sidewalk (pictured below).

What, you might be asking, is a sleestak? If you're my age you might remember the old TV show "Land of the Lost." It was basically about a family that gets lost and ends up in land that time forgot. There are dinosaurs, wild monkey like animals, and smart lizard men called Sleestak. I don't know, probably liked the show because I had a crush on the girl on it. LOL

As if dealing with illness and stupid cars wasn't enough Saturday was the most horrible day I had at work ever. I couldn't get anything right. I made so many mistakes that I just wanted to quit right there on the spot. I had to stay on the register nearly all day because one of the managers was sick. She's pregnant and the speculations about her illness are many. What exactly she was suffering from I still don't know, but there are rumors. But aren't there always?

Speaking of rumors, there have been a lot stirring at work since a co-worker and I went to lunch/dinner the other day. It was perfectly platonic, but the guy that likes her told everyone, and now there are the stirrings of a bigger row. Hell, another co-worker already came up to me saying, "I heard you two went out to dinner." I was like, "Who told you that?" She told me it was the guy. Even the security guy told me that he talked to him about our going out. ARGH!

For the record, it wasn't us "going out," it was us going to lunch together as two workmates. I've done it with others, but since this guy likes this particular cashier he's building it up to be more than it is. Poor guy, because if something like this gets him all worked up I can't imagine how he'll feel when he is really in love and the girl of his dreams doesn't like him back. Still, I guess I can't blame him for being jealous of her spending time with the kid here, I'm too charming for women to resist. LOL I know, these are the jokes ladies and gentlemen.

Meanwhile, since I'm working at the library during the winter break most of the places to eat on campus are closed. Today I had to find a meal at a vending machine two buildings down from the library.

It's messed up that I had to rely on a vending machine, because vending machines have NOTHING but sugar laden, fat-filled, everything artificial, snacks. I ended up buying a small bag of peanuts, which I quickly ate back in the library. Anyway, I have to get up early tomorrow.
End Communication.

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