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Connect and Disconnect -- 01.12.07
It's strange how something so disconnected can remind you of something or someone. The other night I was eating dinner and watching TV. A commercial for Nexium came on and suddenly I remembered how my Grandmother used to tell me that when she stopped taking it she would feel a dull pain in her stomach. At the time we all figured that it was just because she stopped taking her medication. Now, with hindsight, I realize that the dull pain wasn't stomach acid, it was the cancer that was growing inside her.

Then Friday morning I start watching "Gray's Anatomy" while eating breakfast and sure enough one of the characters has esophageal cancer and will probably "die." God how I miss my Grandmother... I miss that woman so much. There isn't a day that passes that I don't mention her and think how much I miss her. I mean it's coming up on the second anniversary of her passing and sometimes I feel like I just want to burst out crying (like I did five minutes ago). Then I have to buck up and go through the rest of my day pretending that I'm not feeling completely sad inside. Once I was at crappy Ralph's when I started missing my Grandmother, and I just couldn't hold the emotions back. Thankfully I wasn't around anyone at the time, because my eyes welled up to the point that everything went blurry.

For no other reason other than they look pretty, I took some pictures of clouds today while working outside.

I love clouds, but couldn't you tell by the many pictures of clouds I have online? Anyway, on a completely different subject, UCLA is hosting a viewing of Postsecret postcards on Tuesday. Thankfully I have the day off, which means I'm going. If you're in L.A., and you're reading this and want to come with email me or call me before then so we can go together. I love that site and the secrets that are posted every week. It will be great to check them out in person. But, if none of you want to go I'll just go by myself and still have fun. :p I think maybe I'll ask a couple of friends if they want to go with me. If they say no, oh well, it's their loss. I know it will be hard seeing as it is on a Tuesday, and most people I know work. Then again, I usually do too, but not this week. Yay me!

Well, crappy Ralph's honored my request to no longer schedule me on Saturdays. I really just need to get away from that place and its depressing environment. Every one of the managers there seem to be totally depressed, angry, and mean because of the pressures of their job. I understand that, to a point.

I love playing matchmaker. I played matchmaker with a couple of my co-workers today. I don't know if things will work out between them, but I'm hoping they do.
End Communication.

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