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Crumbling Plans -- 01.18.07
I had to call in sick this past Sunday because I had to go pick up my Father from the airport. Stupid me forgot to ask for the day off, duh. It just sickens me sometimes that I have to deal with other people's shit. This is why I try to keep to myself as much as possible. Of course, one can't always escape people as much as I'd like to. It's just that people tend to disappoint me. Yet, stupid me still tries to make a connection, not always with success. ARGH!

Someone told me that they believe this is why I like to keep to myself. It's true. By myself, I can pretty much do anything I want without having to go through a committee. See, when it comes to my family I've been the de facto head for a while. Every time we go out as a group they always look to me to make the decisions. I don't mind making them, because I rather do something my way than anything else. But, at the same time when people complain they look right at me because I made the decision. I'm willing to take those complaints, but at the same time I would also deal with it better if someone else had to deal with those complaints once in a while. But they don't, I ALWAYS have to when something goes wrong. Again, I don't mind dealing with it if the blame was distributed evenly. Then again, maybe I should just embrace it, lead and not care what complaints I got. I can basically say, "Hey, I didn't hear anyone else giving any suggestions." So yeah.

You know, I'm supremely surprised that Microsoft is as successful as it is because they really make some shitty software. The other day windows media player asked if I wanted to upgrade to the latest version. Like a dummy I said yes, and the computer started downloading the update. It asked me if I really wanted to do this and I said yes, again like a dummy. It starts to install and the stupid thing pops up an error message about something preventing it from fully installing the damn program. OK well, that's fine and good but the dumb thing also wiped out some DLL file and now I can't get it to install the new version, or uninstall the half updated one that's on the computer now. ARGH! I shouldn't be surprised that a Microsoft product failed even before I installed it, because really its software always has SOMETHING wrong with it. It's always full of bugs, security holes, and bad design. A few moments ago I tried to fix the problem according to the instructions on the Microsoft site. Well, the page that supposedly fixes something just crashed Internet Explorer four times. How typical. I'm glad I bought this Mac because it hasn't given me a single problem in the nearly four months that I've had it.

Lately, every time I've had plans to do something there's some event that prevents me or makes it difficult to do the planned event. Like I really wanted to go to UCLA on Tuesday to check out the traveling PostSecret event. I've missed the previous local events because I've had to work, and here was a golden opportunity to go since I wasn't working and didn't have any other plans. But, that's before my uncle's car accident this weekend. Instead of going to UCLA on Tuesday I ended up helping him out with the insurance and then going to the Griffith Observatory. I was planning on going to the PostSecret thing and then going to the Observatory. Oh well, the best laid schemes of mice and men "Gang aft a-gley."

OK, like right now I just got a paper clipping that's advertising a "Photographic Art Exposition" in Santa Monica, which would be cool to go to. But, I'm cautious about putting it on my calendar because right away something is going to prevent me from going. :( As a matter of fact, I'm not thinking of something that I was told to pencil in for this weekend that will probably prevent me from going to this exposition. ARGH! See what I mean? :(
End Communication.

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