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You're dumb -- 02.13.07
The current semester is three weeks old and I'm getting into the groove of my current schedule. I'm not totally sure where I have to go some days, but at least I have somewhat of an idea what day what classes are. The classes are pretty good so far. One of the ones that I was warned about has turned out to be a good surprise. It's actually an interesting class, imagine that! The one class I thought might be fun has turned out to be bullshit (so far). My late Wednesday class is total bullshit. Not only is the subject matter total bull, there are some dummies that THINK they're funny and are constantly blurting out completely inane remarks. Then there's this new guy who showed up mumbling silly comments that have NOTHING to do with anything (pictured below).

Here is this crazy guy doing a MATH problem during a break in the class. What a total douche. One can tell the teacher is being polite and not cutting him off, but after a while this nonsequitur stuff is going to get old. Hell, it was only an hour into the class on Wednesday and I was already tired of it. Dumb.

Work Friday was typically pointless. There's a new manager who seems like a good guy, though he's already asserted his authority. One of the lazy workers (which you might say is anyone but me), talked back to him and refused to do something he was ordered to do. So, Mr. Lazy was sent home early. Dumb.

You know who I'm really starting to hate? Stupid customers that complain about how slow the line is moving. Hey! Mother-fuckers, sometimes the machine doesn't work, or I make a mistake (I am human after all), and you might have to wait an extra minute. A little extra wait isn't something that's going to kill you. It's dumb of you to automatically go into some sort of asshole panic mode that only reasserts why you're an asshole. No, I can't hurry it up... there's obviously a problem that needs to be fixed. No, I can't open another line, I'm not the manager I can't very well snap my fingers and have a checker at every check stand when you decide that you need to make you're precious purchase. They pay me the same if I do something fast or if I do it slow. The company pays me shit, you're lucky I don't spit in your face and tell you to fucking go to hell asshole! Bitching about the problem isn't going to make me want to do it any faster either. When you complain I just sit back and watch as your stack blows up. I rather like watching customer's overreact. It's a sport I like to play with assholes that think their shit doesn't stink. It's something I like to do to make you feel horrible for a moment, the way you make everyone else around you feel like shit. This is what's called venting. ARGH!

I hate the car I'm driving (pictured above). I don't call the car mine because I don't feel that it's mine. I pretty much hate everything about the stupid car. It uses too much gasoline, has an oil leak, and bounces on the road like an atomic superball . It's a total piece of shit car and, I repeat, I hate it. Sadly I can't afford anything better right now. Ideally I would be driving a Mini Cooper.

Back to a work related thing. Today I took a phone call from this jerk who was so condescending I just wanted to hang up on him. I was trying to explain something and suddenly he's like, "I know all about that... let's just say all that's good." Meanwhile, how the hell am I supposed to know that the information I'm telling him is redundant information? I have assume a lot of things when I answer the phone to make life a little easier. But this guy automatically goes into jerk-mode. I waited a few seconds and then transferred him to another department. It amazes me how dumb people are, though I should be used to people's stupidity by now.
I'm sleepy now.
End Communication.

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