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In the Dark I see the Light -- 04.14.07
I'm on my morning break from the info desk, where I'm charging all my stuff since I STILL don't have power at home. I've been in the dark for the last two nights. I gotta say that the one thing that's come to mind the last two nights is "how did anyone live before TV?" OMG, and LIGHTS! Candlelight might be romantic, but it's certainly not practical. What I don't understand is why the city has taken nearly three days to repair the lights. Some of my neighbors up the street have power, but only my stupid little neighborhood doesn't. :( I'm going to appreciate lights all the more after this.

In other news, my father is selling his house and he says that he's going to give me the money. Now that would be the greatest thing ever. I have debts up my ass that I could pay off with that money, and invest the rest. It would help me during the transition from school to "real life" to establish myself. My aunt automatically says I should buy a new car (a Mini Cooper, since she knows I like those), but I think that would be foolish. A car is certainly not an investment -- Google is an investment. So the windfall would be very welcomed, but I'm not entirely sure if the money is going to be all mine to do with as I please. My father has already said that he would occasionally ask me for some cash. But what does occasionally mean? How much and how often?

In the long run I need to consider how much he's going to need from me. It's really his money in the sense that he's the one giving it to me to hold. Which is what I think it really is, me holding his money for him. If that's the case then I'm fucked. I won't be able to pay off my considerable debts, which would really help me, and I won't be able to invest that money for the future. In short, this would be the greatest thing EVER.

Yesterday, during my work break at crappy Ralph's, I met this really nice older lady that I connected with. She didn't want to tell me her name because she felt what she was telling me was "foolish." But sneaky me found out her name was Rosie by asking the lady he was with, a nurse of some kind, her name. She told me that she was born in 1917 and that she had lived through the depression, and that she had just lost her husband of 70! years a month ago. When she said that I welled up in tears because I could only imagine her loss. Well, I mean I can't just imagine it, I immediately thought of my Grandmother's passing. But still, her attitude was great. You can tell that she's the kind of person that doesn't let life get her down. That interaction with her is one of those great moments that happens in life that don't happen enough. It's perfect in every way, just like that.

This past Thursday I took a test in my English 436 class that will make or break me this semester. If I don't pass this test I don't pass the class, which means I don't graduate. Yes, it's THAT important I pass this test. I don't want to jinx it, but I think I did well enough to pass this test. Of course if I don't I can pretty much kiss my diploma good-bye for now. I say for now because I suspect that even if I fail the class this time, I won't the next time I take it.

So I might be going to Spain during the Summer. My boss at the info desk invited me to go along with him. OMG, Europe! And Spain, no less, the birthplace of my family names. Since we have to go through London I'm trying to convince my boss to go by the Tate museum to check out "The Lady of Shalott" in person (pictured below).

I've been moved by works of art, but I suspect that I would be moved most by this particular painting. Especially since it means I'm in London. Now if I could just have us stop over in NYC so I can check out the Museum of Modern Art there I'll be in heaven. Anyway, it's almost time for my lunch break here at the info desk.

Before I leave I wanted to leave you all with a quote from the "The Devil's Dictionary" by Ambrose Bierce, which I bought the other day after a co-worker told me it was funny. My favorite so far is the definition for love, that goes something like this:

Love, n. A temporary insanity curable by marriage or by removal of the patient from the influences under which he incurred the disorder.

That makes me think of something else that's going on, but I'm not sure I want to hash that up considering I only have a few minutes until lunch. I guess I better seeing as I really missed Kat the other day. Here it is, nearly 20 years later, at this point, and I'm still thinking of her. It's foolish, to say the least. But it's no longer her I miss really. I miss how I felt back then with her around. I miss the feeling of wanting someone. It's a dangerous feeling really, because all that will happen is that I'll get to liking someone only to find out they aren't interested in me. It's been the story of my life so far. And now it is time for lunch, since I didn't have breakfast this morning thanks to not having an alarm clock.
End Communication.

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