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Dot your Iís and Cross your Tís -- 05.20.07
(10:48am Saturday) I'm sitting here at the info desk watching the wheels go round and round. It's the second to last weekend I'll be working here, the 30th being my last official day working at the library. Thursday was the last day of class at CSUN. Next week I just have finals and Iím done. Even though I don't have to work the 30th, my boss basically giving me the option of coming, I find that I want to work that day. If only to mark it as the truly last day here on campus as a student. You know, I'm already starting to miss the old place. Mostly I'm going to miss the friends, and hanging out between classes. I've met some really great people over the last couple of years. But isn't that always the way, you don't miss an actual place so much as the memories of the people you meet there. Still, it's foolish to think that if I stayed I would still be among those people. Most of my CSUN friends are going to graduate this semester or the next. Some have already graduated.

Just now someone came up to ask a question here at the desk. He's a Freshman looking for a certain building. Ah to be a Freshman. Ahhh to finally be DONE! The ladder is the better of the two feelings, I'll tell you that. Being done with something as big as college has been for me is not as frightening as starting. I remember the first day I stepped onto this campus. I felt like the entire world got bigger, that I wouldn't be able to handle so many classes at once, that I would just shy away from everything. I was COMPLETELY wrong about the whole thing. Not only did I handle carrying 15 units and juggling a job, I didn't shy away from the spotlight. I did make a mark on this campus. I sit in what is quite literally the center of the school, the information desk. When I think about it that way it's pretty damn cool. I just felt a little sense of awe, mixed with a sense that I should have done all this before now. Oh well, things happen in the manor they happen for a reason. I am quite happy right at this instant. DARE I say that THIS is the happiest I've ever been? I sure don't want to jinx things, that's for sure.

(1:34pm) I'm a little hungry right now, and this is normally when I go get something to eat, but lately I've been skipping lunch in lieu of air and water. OMG, where else am I going to get a job where I can basically sit and surf the web all day? Nowhere, that's where! :(

Mother's day was last weekend, though since my mother has been dead for ten years it was a little tough to get into the spirit of it all. I found a postcard on PostSecret that pretty much illustrates what I'm trying to say.

So while every cheap dummy was buying last minute flowers at crappy Ralph's, I was basically missing my Mother the whole time. I really started to resent anyone that came in and bought a bouquet of dying flowers. I wanted to tell everyone of them to go fuck themselves and their stupid dead flowers. Hell, I felt like quiting more than once. I so don't want to work at that place anymore. It's so mind numbingly stupid.

Last night I totally fucked something up on the register. I sold some American Express gift cards worth $300, which I shouldn't have because of some rules about selling no more than $200 worth. ARGH ! The manager forgot about that too, which is why I think he was so good about it. I mean he HANDED me the cards. Couldn't he have warned me before? He only warned me to check the ID. The whole thing was a mess waiting to happen, but I don't care. So if they fire me I'll finally have the excuse to find another job. The whole thing makes me think of the movie Ed Wood and Martin Landau's portrayal of Bela Lugosi in his waining years. There's a scene in the movie that has been immortalized by the Stern show and it is one word... "BULLSHIT." Hit play to hear it.

(3:36pm) So I'm sitting here watching Grey's Anatomy forgetting that I still have some work to do. And, I still have to take my last break. LOL

(3:54pm) No break for me yet, had to do the clean-up of the reference room. I guess I COULD take a break from watching Grey's Anatomy, but Talia didn't let me watch it in peace while she was over yesterday. ARGH ! How come there aren't more women that understand the TV watching rule? I know one actually, but we haven't had the opportunity to watch TV together yet. So, what if she talks a good talk, but doesn't walk the walk? Someday I might know.

(12:21am Sunday) Back home now after having dinner with a friend. I drove to the library, which was open until midnight tonight, because I forgot my camera battery and charger. I know, how stupid of me. The only reason I went back tonight is because I could, and because I wouldn't be able to go there until Tuesday otherwise. Anyway, to close out this entry I'm going to put up a picture of the info desk. It's my second to last week.

End Communication.

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