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It's Now Official -- 06.02.07
The other morning I checked to see if more of my grades had been posted. They had been posted. Happy to say that I passed all my classes. I was quite happy because there was one class, English 436, that I worried I wouldnít pass. I got a ďC,Ē which Iím glad to have. Ideally I would have liked getting better grades this semester, but I had to deal with a case of serious senioritis. I honestly thought that I wouldnít pass that class after getting a ďDĒ on the first test. Needless to say I jumped when I saw the grade posted. It was nothing less than a happy moment, to know that Iím half of the way to officially graduating. WHEW!

My family wanted to go to graduation, but thankfully they didnít ask again until this morning, because I didnít want to attend. I didnít want to go, and Iím old enough that no one can make me. Hell, Iím actually pretty tired of having to deal with other peopleís shit, and doing what I donít want to. So yeah.

Monday, I went up to the Braemar Country Club (pictured below) with my cousin. She wanted to show my aunt and I the place where the wedding reception will be held.

Itís funny, Country Clubs to me mean golf, which is easily the stupidest thing man ever created. Thereís a saying that golf is a good walk ruined. Itís more than that, itís a complete waste of time. So country clubs by association, and complete connection with golf, as extensions of that waste. Also, the whole elite thing gets to me since the people in attendance arenít any better than anyone else. They just happen to have more money to waste. ARGH! I donít know, being there made me uncomfortable. Not that I didnít belong, because I donít care to belong anywhere. Just the whole thing made me feel a bit off. Having to dress up is starting to sound more and more stupid to me. But, oh well, it isnít my day that day, itís my cousinís day.

Get this, today the car I drive died, and I say good riddance. I have hated this car since I started driving it back in November. Here it is getting towed from Burbank, where it died.

Of course now this means I donít have a way to get around other than my feet. Believe me, I can deal with this for a while, but ultimately Iím going to need a car. I wish I could get a Prius, but thatís not happening any time soon. For now Iím going to have to look for another car to drive. Iím looking for something inexpensive and small. I certainly donít need a big car. A little car will afford me better mileage as well as more delight. I hate big cars. Thankfully work isnít very far away and I can either take a short bus ride, or walk there. It will suck to do that for long, especially if I get either the early shift or the late shift. Each of them deal with extreme hours. The early shift starts at 6 a.m., which means I would have to get up super early. I already get up early, but in case I have to walk there, or take the bus, or ride my bicycle, it still means having to wake up extra early. :( Now the alternative is working late, like until midnight. It would be horrible waiting for the bus at that hour, if it even comes along. Walking home at that hour isnít any better though. Shit, as much as I hated this car at least it got me from one place to another. ARGH! This sucks so much.

So two days after officially graduating college Iím stuck in a go nowhere job at crappy Ralphís, I have a car thatís basically a two ton paperweight, and what little money I saved up from working two jobs is now going to go down the tubes buying a newer car. Bullshit! Iím just going to crawl under a rock somewhere.
End Communication.

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