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My Summer of Pavement -- 06.10.07
Friday I took a nice walk to stupid work. The car is still dead, and I didn't have a bike chain to make sure that no one took my bicycle while I slaved away at work. Work was, thankfully, without incident. I didn't get chewed out, if anything they missed me since I hadn't been there in two weeks. It's nice to be missed, even at the jerky job.

And now let me introduce you to my new ride, my bicycle.

There it is, what I’ll be riding for the next who knows how long. I don’t mind it so much seeing as I don’t have school to run to every day. Still, as the summer gets warmer and warmer it’s going to suck riding on a bike everywhere. :( I talked to my father Sunday morning, I finally told him about the dead car. He gave me that car to drive this past November. So in eight months I ran that car into the ground. I didn’t mind that seeing as I really hated that car, but at the same time it at least got me around.

Saturday I had the time of my life with Veeg de Moreno (I hope she likes her nickname). We went to Pie ‘N Burger and had a great meal. It was funny, the waitress was such a meanie to me. First she put extra napkins right in on a wet spot on the table, practically ruining the entire stack of napkins. That was followed by the waitress giving Veeg two forks and extra napkins, in a non-wet spot on the table, while not giving me a fork. I figured that I would just get one of the forks given to Veeg, but still. Her service made me wonder “What the hell did I do wrong?”

Then there’s the bet about the Harry Potter book. This kid sitting by us was reading a book, which I thought had a Harry Potter cover on it. It LOOKED to me like it might be Harry Potter book. Well that brought up a bet between Veeg and I, which I lost. I had to ask the kid’s father what book he was reading. I asked the father, “What book was your son reading?”
He was like, “I don’t know.”
Then I asked him, “It’s not a Harry Potter book, is it?”
He said, “No, it’s not.”
“But what’s the book then,” I asked him.
“I”m not sure,” he said.
“But you’re sure it’s not Harry Potter, right?”
“Yes,” he said.
With that I lost my $3.03 bet. I know, that’s an odd number, but it’s what I found in my 5th pocket in my jeans.

Following dinner we headed back to the Valley to watch “Ocean’s Thirteen” at the Galleria. The next movie started at 10:05 pm, and it was just around 8:30. So we had some time to kill. We first went to DSW, or whatever the name is, to check out some shoes. Here’s Veeg trying on some shoes.

Obviously she’s happy about the shoes she found. I was happy to be there with her. (awww moment) Dare I say it, I....

To kill a little more time we went to this furniture store close. Veeg found this really nice couch right in the middle of the store, which my butt found quite comfortable. Here are our legs as we sat in our future comfy couch. (2nd awww moment of this entry)

The couch was so comfy that we nearly missed the movie. When we got into the theater we found that it was packed (who knew?). Thankfully the second row sets weren’t so close that we couldn’t make out what we were seeing. Still, looking up George Clooney’s nose was a little awkward. Suffice to say I had a GREAT time last night.

I don’t have much planned for this coming week, but I have a lot to do. First I have to get my passport and get a helmet to protect my head. Well, speaking of head, here’s my three faces of Eric, with Foo Manchu in the middle. Enjoy.

End Communication.

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