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Suffering for Art's sake and yeah -- 06.20.07
(1:16pm Saturday) Iím sitting on a little chair in the Photographerís studio where my cousin is getting ready for her wedding portrait. She brought me over to help her, but then again it looks like her future sister-in-law is doing all the helping. I seem to be here for support more than anything. But, thatís OK, at least Iím out of the house. Iíve spent too much time in that house since graduation. Iíve already chronicled my lack of variety since school ended, so thereís no need to go into that again.

Work SUPER sucked Friday. On top of having to bike to work and being tired before I even started my shift, work just totally sucked. That place is sucking the life out of me. Since I left for work early, since I hate being late to anything, I arrived early. Well, one of my managers saw me walking to get a drink and asked me if I wanted to clock in early. I told her that I had biked and that she needed to give me a few minutes. She said, ďIf you clock in early you can leave early.Ē That was the cheese that got me. I clocked in at 2:40 thinking that I would be leaving at 11:40 that night. WRONG! Another manager, the one that took over, told me, ďYou know youíll have to stay until midnight even if you did clock in early.Ē
I said, ďWhat?!Ē
ďYeah, but donít worry, youíll get overtime.Ē

So with that I not only stayed until midnight, I stayed until 10 minutes AFTER midnight. :( It was the shift that wouldnít end.

I did finally have something to eat Friday, during my lunch break. I had something called a ďtamale pieĒ and a corn dog. But, other than that I havenít had anything to eat in a couple of days. Hell, as I write this I still havenít had breakfast, and I wonít be getting anything to eat until at least 3pm. I donít care, food sucks anyway.

(4:31pm Wednesday) Iíve been trying to write the rest of this entry of the longest time, without success. The last few days have been totally FUCKED UP! Thankfully today I woke up in a great mood. As I write this Iím fighting a impending headache. Itís getting worse as I type. :(

(5:36pm) Just woke up from a little mini nap. My brain shut down and put me to sleep. Whew, Iím feeling quite out of it right now. Iím craving something to eat as well. ARGH!

Now that Iím awake Iím starting to write my resignation letter. Iíve made up my mind that the unknown is better than crappy Ralphís. Iím making this decision a couple of days after picking up my last check from the library (pictured below).

I got a nice check from my boss that could allow me to go a couple of weeks without working. I canít go much longer than that though. So I really need to have a job in place before I quit crappy Ralphís. That sucks because I obviously donít have another job. Still, silly me has this idea to buy a new camera.

There is this perfectly beautiful camera by Leica that I want to purchase (pictured below).

The price is such that the choice between a car and the camera has to be made. Although, a school friend just told me today that he could sell me his BMW for $1,000. A great price for any car, unless itís my stupid paperweight of a car. LOL Now I just have to find out what model it is, and see how it runs. Woo hoo, a BMW!

Speaking of cars, I saw this bumper stick on someoneís car.

End Communication.

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