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Finally, a Point -- 07.01.07
I started to write this entry before the mail arrived, and before I got home on Thursday, so I WAS going to point out that this week continues to be completely pointless. But then I got home and found a letter from CSUN. I actually thought it was something negative, like a parking ticket they forgot to give me. Thankfully it wasn't something negative, it was something positive. The letter informed me that I was slated for a job interview for one of the jobs I applied for a couple of months ago. It’s not the circulation job, because that one won’t be interviewing until the head of that department comes back in August. It’s the parking booth job. BUT, that job would be light-years better than the stupid crappy Ralph’s job I’m dealing with now. I would love to say adios to Ralph’s now, especially since we might be going on strike. New contract and a possible pay raise would not be enough to keep me at Ralph’s anyway. That place is really bringing me down.

So yesterday (Friday) before going to crappy Ralph’s I called and set up the appointment for the booth job. If I get it I will rejoice and celebrate by telling Ralph’s to go to hell. Yeah bitches! Ideally I didn't go to school and break my back to work in a parking booth. But, at the same time I didn't go to school to work at crappy Ralph’s for the rest of my life either. The alternative to Ralph’s is much better than being there.

I went online and found more information about INTJs. What do you think, am I any of these things?

loner, more interested in intellectual pursuits than relationships or family, not very altruistic, not very complimentary, would rather be friendless than jobless, observer, values solitude, perfectionist, detached, private, not much fun, hidden, skeptical, does not tend to like most people, socially uncomfortable, not physically affectionate, unhappy, does not talk about feelings, hard to impress, analytical, likes esoteric things, tends to be pessimistic, not spontaneous, prone to discontentment, guarded, does not think they are weird but others do, responsible, can be insensitive or ambivalent to the misfortunes of others, orderly, clean, organized, familiar with darkside , tends not to value organized religion, suspicious of others, can be lonely, rarely shows anger, punctual, finisher, prepared

What I found to be hilarious is the following, which is a list of supposed favored careers: “scientist, dictator, forensic anthropologist, systems analyst,” etc. etc. The funniest item is, “dictator.” Could this be something else other than ruthless leader? It’s probably the ruthless leader, because I would LOVE to tell people how to live. Everyone has it wrong, don’t you know.

As I rode home on the bus on Thursday a Hendrix song, Voo Doo Child (Slight Return), came on my iPod. I absolutely love that song. That song is quite literally an incantation, an absolutely incredible song. It’s also one of those songs that’s guaranteed to make me swell up with emotions. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a HUGE Hendrix fan.

I hung out with Talia del Monte this week, Tuesday I think. I should end things with her at this point. She REALLY got on my nerves this last visit. Our continued incompatibly has only gotten worse. Either that or I’m just tired of her, which might actually be the real problem. So am I sitting here dancing around the fact that I’m no longer fond of Talia? Yes, let’s say it that way.

Last night about an hour before my shift ended I was doing the “go backs” and I ran into this woman that asked me where the sodas were located. That little question started a 20 minute conversation with her throughout the store. She had just come from a restaurant where she had been stood-up by some guy she had been set-up with. I commiserated with her over the state of dating in this city. I hopefully made her feel a little better by letting her vent a little. It was really a shame that her blind date stood her up like that. She decided to head to crappy Ralph’s to buy a bunch of food and meet up with me willing to listen. I like listening to people, what can I say. I felt bad because I found her to be quite charming and smart. I considered telling her to join me after work for something to eat, but for some reason the thought rattled in my brain but didn’t come out my mouth. Stupid really because it would have been nice to make a new friend. Although, in a sense I did make a new friend. Maybe next time she comes to the store I’ll ask if she wants to have lunch or something. After recent events I really felt bad about what she was going through. You know, the connections we have with other people are all we really have in this world.

End Communication.

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