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Triple Sevens -- 07.13.07
So much has happened this week that I havenít had the time to even reflect on anything. Right as I write this first paragraph Iím at the CSUN library working at the copy center. My old boss, El Patron, from the info desk lobbied and lobbied for me to the manager there to the point that she hired me (temporarily). So Iím earning a couple of extra bucks before having to do the crappy Ralphís thing tomorrow.

Let me set this week so far with the BIG event of the week, my cousinís wedding. That was Saturday. I woke up super early because I was told by my aunt that her alarm clock didnít work. I feared everyone would oversleep so nervous me ended up waking up at 5:15 am. This after going to sleep only three hours earlier. I think that only my cousin slept fewer hours, but thatís understandable.

Whatís really sick is that I really didnít have much to work on, I had my tux ready and waiting for me to shower and get going. So around 8am I jumped into the shower, made myself ready and got some food in my belly. Not long after that was done we headed off to the church.

It was an early ceremony because my cousin choose to have her wedding on the date 7/7/07, for good luck I guess. But, since she wasnít the only one with that idea she had to get the church whenever it was free, which was 10 in the morning.

Iím an hour away from going to work so Iíll just hit the highlights. The wedding was beautiful, though it was super hot that day. My tux wasnít as intolerable as I thought it would be. I rather liked wearing it actually. Certainly the compliments didnít hurt either. Back to the wedding though. The following is a picture of the ceremony.

Two moments got to me during the ceremony. There was a moment of silence in honor of my cousin who passed away in October Ď06. When they said her name I started to well up. The second moment was when the whole thing was official and my cousin was a married woman. That was such a wonderful moment, and it made me cry tears of joy and sadness. Some say that itís the happiest moment of oneís life, that everything goes down hill from there. But I like to think that itís the culmination of finally finding someone you love (something I canít claim). As cynical as I am I am also a sentimental bastard. I think that we all long for that equal beside us, the one that doesnít complete us, but does complete our sentences (which I think is the meaning of better half).

Anyway, hereís youíre truly in a tux sitting down waiting for the ceremony to start.

And here I am again with Veeg de Amor Moreno

I would like to go into the details of the reception, but this entry is about the whole week. And, since Iím so self centered the other stuff doesnít really matter.

Let us move the focus to later in the week. Monday, I headed off to the mechanic to pay him for the new engine thatís going to be placed into that horrible car my father insisted I fix. It doubly sucks because on Tuesday I went and checked out a car being sold by a friend of mine. It was a nice little BMW that did have quite a few miles on it, but would have cost less than fixing that stupid Nissan. Alas, I am stuck with the Nissan (for now).

Wednesday was the big day of the week, my interview with parking services at CSUN. I applied for this job about a month before school ended. They called me for an interview, which I think went well. I was actually the first candidate they saw. Which El Patron says is a good thing. I hope it is, because crappy Ralphís continues to suck, and we might still go on strike.

Then came the other part of the job thing, I got a temp job working at the library anyway. The copy center lady needed someone and El Patron lobbied and lobbied for me to get that job until she seemed to acquiesce. It wasnít strong arming on the part of my old boss, it was suggesting. So I was all set to work on July 21st when she told me that she needed someone for Thursday. I didnít accept at first, but then my old boss said to me that I should snatch it up and run with the opportunity. I called her back and yeah, I worked Thursday. There was one guy that was a bit of a problem, but I cleared that up in a little bit. A machine broke down, but clever me worked it out also.

The other big news of the week is that I got myself an iPhone. Yes, technology mad me got myself an iPhone. I love the little thing, itís got everything I ever need. I hate not being able to check my email when Iím out and about. No problem with that now. I was spending too much on prepaid a month just checking my voice mails. No worries there. In short, itís a gadget to top all other gadgets.

Hereís a picture I took with the built-in camera.

Pretty nice huh? Anyway, I only have a few minutes to get going and head off to dumb mind-numbing work. :( I must say, I thought I would have some free time after school was over to just sit here and be a couch potato. Boy was I wrong about that one, I havenít had a momentís rest yet. But, itís good to be busy and feel good about oneself. Hope you have a great day, I know I will

Wait, before I go I have to post a picture a friend of mine drew of me. Itís me as Batman! Woo Hoo!

End Communication.

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