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Vanishing Point -- 08.03.07
Cheese and crackers are so good late at night. I should be smart enough to ALWAYS have cheese on hand, cause I am smart enough to have Ritz on hand. I had a hankering for something late last night and thankfully I had some cheese in the fridge.

I FINALLY have a car that works. Amazing! For the last two months Iíve traveled by foot, bus and bicycle. While most of the time I like to walk and use the bus, there are times when I need to have a car. Like if Iím going to the market itís hard to buy too many things because you have to worry about how heavy everything is going to be. I remember as a kid the market was only a block away, but even still it was hard to carry too many things.

Just as a tease the movie ďVanishing PointĒ came in the mail a couple of weeks ago from Netflix. It was like my movie queue was mocking the fact that I didnít have a car. :( Especially since the movie was all about freedom on the road and in life, and the choices we make. That was even more mocking that the car was an muscle car, full of horses and raw power... super charged, no less. ARGH! Watching the movie turned all the more romantic when it was just a beauty shot of the car speeding along long stretches of open road. Alas, I have a car now but I donít trust it to fly down the open road at breakneck speed. That guilty pleasure will have to be satiated another day.

I still lament the fact that this car my father gave me to drive after my Subaru died has been more of a burden than a blessing. I NEVER had to have my Subaru towed. In fourteen years that car never left me in the lurch, it always got me home no matter how beat up it was. This Nissan of my dadís has had to be towed THREE times in the last three months. Itís just so frustrating because I do need the car, but I donít like it very much. The broken windshield where my fist made contact with the glass is still quite evident.

You know, itís hard being honest. Itís super hard when everyone seems to tell you that itís not good policy to tell the truth. I sent an email explaining something in truth, and while talking a friend about it they said, ďWhy would you tell them the truth?Ē This brings me back to the original statement, of how hard it is to tell the truth. Everyone is so into mendacity that anyone that tells the truth is looked upon as a freak of some kind. A leopard doesnít change its spots, and I canít lie about things. So I might have missed a really great opportunity because I told the truth. But I rather miss out than have to be phony.

To end this Iím adding this post card that I found on Post Secret this week.

End Communication.

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