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Licking my Wounds -- 10.17.07
So itís been a couple of days now since the job thing and Iím feeling a little better. The last few hours of work Tuesday could not go fast enough for me. I simply wanted the shift to end, because I was feeling dejected. Yeah, still. How am I supposed to feel after a wonderful opportunity passes me by? Shit, the only thing I wanted to do after getting home Monday was to take a bat to something, anything, and just smash it to hell. That fucking car I drive would have been a GREAT target for my swings. I think it would be a hunk of metal by now. Today Iím feeling much better. Iíve licked my wounds and moved on.

Speaking of that, I found another opening at a local library. I filled out the application and Iím going to submit it tomorrow. I have to because Iím off to San Francisco on Friday. My friend Vagabundo de Granada and I are leaving town to ďresetĒ things. Both of us really need to get out and change things, even if itís only for a few days. Honestly though, Iím not sure how Iím going to return to crappy Ralphís after going to San Francisco. The last vacation I took was two years ago, and after that it was a little hard to go back to school. Still, I got over it and returned to the grind. Then again, the grind back then was a lot more fun than crappy Ralphís. ARGH! I so need to leave that place. The B.H. library job was going to be the perfect thing to take me away from that stupid job.

But I wasnít good enough. You know, I find that Iím almost NEVER the right choice for anything or anyone. Its a rare few that have given me a chance to prove myself. I hate to say it, but even though I donít like crappy Ralphís Iím at least thankful that THEY hired me, since it seems no one else wants to. So in short, Iím wondering who will be the next one to take a chance on me.

End Communication.

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