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Resurrection and Recognition -- 10.27.07
I think I mentioned that on my recent trip to San Francisco my $600+ Leica camera fell into a small pond at the Japanese Tea Garden. A few weeks ago I read on one of the sites I frequent that rice can help an electronic device that has fallen into water dry out. Iím here to say that it does work. My Leica, after falling into the drink and spending the next three days in rice, is now working perfectly. Thank the maker for little miracles.

Friday night I had the privilege of seeing my work finally published. I went down to CSUN to check out the new edition of the Northridge Review. Itís a literary magazine published by who knows who at the English department there.

The two pictures they choose are quite nice, I think of course, but they didnít print up too well on what might be a dox matrix printer that they seem to still be using. (here are the originals)

There was a lot of details lost in both pictures, but mostly in the ocean picture. The subtly of the foam and the rocks was completely lost. OH well, at least I can say Iím published.

Last night I was watching a movie called ďBridge to Terabithia,Ē which was fine enough until one of the main characters was killed off. As a writer I hate moments like that in stories/movies, because to me itís a writer needing some sort of plot device in order to end the story with some sort of meaning or point. But, like I said, that kind of plot device is lazy and now cliche. So the movie was lost to me at that point because I hate those moments in a story that the writer gives up on the integrity of their story for some standard plot twist that shocks the audience. Yeah, well truth is better than fiction. And even in Fiction, the line of thinking must be true and plausible. So yeah, thatís my pet peeve with stories that use death as a plot device. Hate that shit.

I was watching something the other night that had a great line that I think is apropos of everything in my life right now. The line went like this, ďCongratulations universe... you win.Ē That pretty much encapsulates everything. Nothing I do will ever be good enough to get one over on the universe. Itís like a pendulum, if I get too far one way itís only going to grow momentum for the trip back. So yeah, you win universe. Is that what you wanted me to say? Iíve said it, now leave me alone. Yeah right, like thatís going to happen.

End Communication.

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