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Another Chance Perhaps -- 11.08.07
As I write this paragraph itís 11:54 pm Wednesday night. Tomorrow I have an interview with the San Marino public library. Itís not the most ideal job because of the distance, but at the same time I want to get it in order to escape damn stupid crappy Ralphís. Today was not an easy day. I could just NOT get my bearings today. The little things seemed to go completely wrong today. I literally tore a $20 bill in half (not on purpose dummy). I nearly ripped a customerís jacket trying to help. And I early quit, which wouldnít have been a bad thing actually. But, Iíve gotten accustomed to eating, so losing the only job that will have me would have been kinda bad. Other than that everything was fine. Please insert the appropriate amount of sarcasm to that last line.

So now the countdown begins to the interview tomorrow and the subsequent waiting to see if Iím hired or not. I donít want to go in there tomorrow sure that Iím going to either get it or not get it. Right now Iím in the Iím not sure if I even want this job mode. I mean it would be quite a commute every work day. Right now my commute is literally five minutes. It is almost possible that my commute to San Marino, if I go on the bus, would be almost as long as the amount of hours I would work a day. And yet Iím going to try my best to get that job because RIGHT NOW that job is something thatís very important... itís not Ralphís. Itís not the bullshit Iíve had to deal with for a year and a half. Itís not the dumb managers that treat me like dirt. While change and new things can be scary, this new thing would be a welcomed change.

You donít get it, today things just came to a head. The whole environment made me want to run into the streets. Iím not entirely sure how I didnít go insane tonight. Though, after I tell you the next thing you might think I have.

I met Jesus today... and SHE drank some of my iced tea. I was working the register at the Deli department during the lunch rush so the workers there could serve up a million sandwiches to the hungry masses without having to worry about charging the customers. This woman comes up to where I am, right next to two other workers, and says, ďIím Jesus, Iím thirsty and I need a Coke otherwise my babies will die.Ē I tell her that I canít give her a Coke, but I can sure ask if she can have one. She mentions that she has no money just as Iím telling the head of the department about her request. She, in turn, talks to the assistant store director, who apparently agrees to give her the free Coke. Iím sure it was given in order to just have her go away. Jesus was obviously homeless, or at the very least living in squalor. Getting her Coke she went on her merry way. During my break I like to buy a big bottle of Tejava, an unsweetened iced tea. I buy the tea and then go outside to sit down for a couple of minutes. Sure enough Jesus comes up to me and asks if she can have some of my tea. I tell her, ďonly if you get a cut.Ē So she mills around on the bench besides me for a couple of moments and gets up. I figure that sheís leaving, but really she has gone back inside to ask for a cup. That was OK with me. When she came back she had the cup ready and I poured about half of my tea into the cup. Jesus then got up and bummed a smoke from one of the people that work in the pharmacy.

Now itís a funny thing, I didnít think anything of it at the time but then later during my lunch hour I thought about something. What if that really WAS Jesus? What if it was all some sort of test. What then? Did I help enough? Did I offer enough? Did I give enough? Did I lose my marbles? Does anyone really know what time it is?

Look, Iím not a christian, but I like to think that Iím a better christian that most people. If only because I donít make judgments based on a person because they might be something, whatever. I put everyone on an equal footing until theyíve proven that they are idiots or not idiots. What also struck me is how willing I was to give her half my tea.

Today took a lot out of me, so Iím just going to go and get some much needed sleep right now.

End Communication.

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