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Buses and Interviews -- 11.09.07
(10:31am) Iím moments away from heading out the door for that job interview. My aunt just asked me if I was working today, even though I NEVER work on Thursdays... and Iím wearing clothes that Iíve NEVER worn to work. AND, even though I write my schedule on a whiteboard thatís right next to her head. The fact that she doesnít remember that I have that interview today is OK. But the fact that Iím starving to death, but I HATE every bit of food in the house, is making me sick. Damn Iím not feeling up to this interview today. Why did it have to come a day after the STUPIDEST day in the history of my working at crappy Ralphís?! Iím wasting time, I have to shave.

(9:53pm) Iím finally home after a LONG day of buses and interviews. I started my day a little late. I hate it when I wake up early and then fall back to sleep only to lose all the time that I planned on having as a time cushion just in case something happened. I arrived downtown pretty fast, but I was also worried that I wouldnít get to San Marino on time. There were two buses that went the same way, but one that would leave me within feet of the library, and one that would leave me within a mile. Obviously I planned on getting onto the one that left me within a few feet. But, because I was 10 minutes late to the bus stop I think I missed the bus, numbered 79. The other bus came up the street, the 485, and I had to make a quick decision. Do I get on the 485 and get there faster but have to walk a bit, or wait for a bus that might not show up on time? I figured that it would be better to hop on the 485.

I arrived in San Marino about 40 minutes before my interview, exactly as I had timed it, but also behind schedule in a way because I didnít plan on walking a mile. But, I also did plan on maybe having to walk a mile. I pulled the cord for the next stop, but it wasnít where I thought it would be. The bus made a turn from Huntington Dr. onto a little street and kept going. Usually buses stop on corners, but this one kept driving. I sat there in silent horror wondering where this thing would take me. I knew it couldnít be too far, because local lines donít have stops that far apart. It finally stopped about a five minute walk away from Huntington Dr, which was still a mile from the library. So I walked and figured that I could make it in the time I had. But, I also thought that perhaps the 79 bus would be close by and I could take that one to the library. Sure enough, as I reach the corner of Oak Knoll and Huntington I see the bus in the distance. But the light to cross the street is red. The following is a picture of the bus as it passed by my face.

There wasnít time to wallow, so I picked up the pace and figured I would at least burn a few calories. I thankfully arrived at the library 20 minutes before my interview. Again, right on time as I planned it. I HATE arriving late, so being there 20 minutes before is actually on time.

The San Marino library is actually being totally rebuilt. So I found my way to the temporary library and finally sat down for a rest. I rested for a few minutes and then went in. I noticed that I had a message on my phone so I called my friend up, who wished me luck. I really felt I needed it, because crappy Ralphís had really taken the life out of me on Wednesday. I really just wanted to quit and then go home and sleep. But, I didnít and there I was. The commute also weighed heavy on my mind at that moment. Here I was killing myself in order to arrive on time and it really just made me think.

I went inside and informed the person at the desk that I was there for the job interview. They told me to sit down, so I did. A man came out of a back room and asked if I was Eric. Yes, I said, and then he informed me that they were running a little late so that my interview would start a little later. I then went and got a magazine and started reading it. There were actually a couple of articles that interested me. The time went by, I saw a woman with a folder walk out of the back room, and then the guy came out and lead me to the back. There were three people at a table, typical of these things, and they asked me the usual questions about my previous work experience, and how I would react to such and such. My answers were not the best though. I found myself not being able to focus my thoughts into short answers. During one answer I could see that one of the three on the committee was getting bored, so I cut it short. They thanked me and told me that I would be informed about the job shortly. Actually, this interview is the preliminary interview. I would still have to have another interview if they thought I did well enough on this one. So yeah, nothing guaranteed for a while. They also told me that the job would start in January. So even if they did hire me I wouldnít be escaping Ralphís until January. ARGH!

After the interview I needed to get some food, since I hadnít had any breakfast, and it was already 2pm. I canít say that I was hungry in the morning, what with being nervous about the whole thing. But, afterwards I was really hungry. I took my sweet time to eat my sandwich. I just wanted my day to end there. I wanted to simply crawl into bed and not wake up until Saturday. But, then on my way home I bumped into an old friend/classmate from SMC. My phone wasnít working so I couldnít call my other friend about hanging out for dinner, so I talked and talked to my SMC friend. I then got back on the subway and came home.

Thursday was an exhausting day. I think the only good thing that happened at the library was that I bought a copy of Cyrano De Bergerac for fifty cents. Itís strange, I opened the book (play) to a random page and found one of the most beautiful parts of the play, where Cyrano finally pours out his heart to Roxane (Roxanne?), and in the guise of being Christian tells her how much HE loves her. It brought me to tears. I havenít read or heard those words in a long time. I was happy reading that. So anyways, Wish me luck or something.
End Communication.

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