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The Angel of Death -- 11.21.07
I havenít had a chance to update my journal because Iíve been up in Bakersfield the last few days taking care of my dying father. Last week I got a call from one of my aunts saying that she had visited my father and that he was very sick. Thursday I get another call from my aunt saying that my father is in the hospital and it was serious. They even put him on the phone, and it sounded bad. So I drove up there and found him in really bad shape. It turned out that he had two strokes. Couple that with a weak heart and the doctors were basically saying that he was on his last legs. So for the last few days Iíve been kinda busy with that.

The doctors have sent him home to die, and weíre all in this limbo of wanting to help him and wanting him to not suffer. Well, I should say that Iím the only one that has voiced that particular thought. But, knowing how these things are Iím sure that not everyone feels the same way. There are those who continue to have hope that he will be fine, or at least thatís what they say.

Itís grave, thatís all I know. He doesnít have long seeing as his heart is weak, heís not eating, heís hardly drinking, and his liver might give out at any moment. In short, itís really bad and only a matter of time before he dies. Of course the same thing about it being a matter of time before death can be said about any of us.

Amongst all this I actually have some good news. The San Marino job called me back Monday to say that I have a second interview with them. Which means I might actually get this job. Once again, Iím not going to count my chickens before they hatch.

End Communication.

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