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Trapped in a Lifetime Movie -- 12.01.07
The Lifetime Movie Network has the MOST overly dramatic movies of all time. I watched the tail end of one today where a woman is confronted by some crazy guy that kidnaps her son and then shoots her. Somehow she survives the shooting, takes the gun away from him, and blows him up in the car he intends to run her over with. That is some fucking dramatic stuff. Is it any wonder that I feel the last couple of weeks have been JUST as dramatic as any of the movies on the Lifetime Movie Network?

I had a friend even say that my life is like a movie this past week. Tis true, especially when you consider that there are also relatives that think I didnít cry enough during the funeral, seemed cold to any affection, and know that I was left a house by my father. If they only knew that I have ZERO intention to ever see them again they would really think Iím a total cad. But, if you ask me what if I care what they think of me Iíll tell you that I donít, because I really donít. Especially if I donít ever see them again. Why should I care? I donít like them, I know Iím not the apple of their eye either, so why bother trying to change their opinion. If anything I should do my best to reenforce their opinion. LOL OK, maybe not that, but you know what I mean.

Such is life, and life is for the living and Iím moving on. Monday is the big interview day, not one but TWO on the same day. Itís a good thing that by some scheduling thing at work Iíll have Sunday off. Which means I can be fresh for Monday, unless Iím stupid and I stay up until 2am on Sunday. Itís not something I intend to do.

Speaking of intentions, I intend to submit the following 10 photographs the Brand library for consideration. What do you think?

I think they are a nice representation of my work... I hope good enough to wow those who will have the fate of the pictures in their hands. I so need this in order to really make it a Lifetime Movie. Cause in these movies something good also has to happen to the main character.

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