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Random Things, Fri thru Mon -- 12.17.07
(Friday 11:38pm) These are some random things that Iím thinking about at the moment. This entry might not make a lot of sense, but here goes. Thought one, I just got home about 30 minutes ago. Iím trying to write my ďartist statementĒ to go along with the pictures Iím going to submit to the Brand library. Iím looking online for some pointers, but really Iím wasting my time writing this part of this entry. I should be working on the statement.

(Saturday 10:28am) There are a million things to do today. I need to get my last check from crappy Ralphís, buy a new pair of headphones for my iPhone, finish writing my stuff for my photo submissions, mail said submissions, call my grandmother (the living one); hang out with a friend that I promised I would hang out today, buy a bell for my aunt, and Iím sure thereís something else that Iím thinking about but canít remember right now. I guess I should get going, huh?

(Sunday 12:41pm) Iím being LAZY today.

(2:51pm) There are so many things I want to catch up on. I have two movies from Netflix that Iíve had since Oct., and Iíve yet to watch them. I should watch them today but then thereís football to watch.

(7:21pm) Watching Sunday Night football after finally watching ďPanís Labyrinth,Ē which was pretty cool.

(Monday 11:44am) A start of a new week and nothing to do but go to work and pick up my last (or second to last) check. But first I have to get some food in my belly. There are a bunch of little morsels of leftovers to choose from.

(12:20pm) Still trying to figure out this submission stuff. I have to have a bunch of notes and such that I have to attach to the pictures. Itís so much work getting discovered.

(1:16pm) The packet pictured above contains my hopes and dreams... it really does. Iím sending my work and by association my soul and my wants and desires contained in photographs. In my ďartist statementĒ I wrote the following:

I could sit here and write a lot of flowery explanations about my personal philosophy about photography, but the bottom line is I take pictures because I want to remember. A photograph I take does not contain my soul, but it is certainly a product of the longing inside of me to reach out into the world and find that which is beautiful to me and share it. To me the perfect photograph captures a moment so perfectly that it becomes inseparable from the memory.

That pretty much covers why I take photos. If youíve hung out with me you know that Iím CONSTANTLY taking pictures. Now you know why. It really has become my way of remembering (the good and the bad).

(7:57pm) Went to work to pick up my second to last check (pictured above).

(11:03pm) Watching the last quarter of tonightís Monday night game thanks to Tivo, because I forgot that tonight was Monday. Thankfully my Tivo didnít. I forgot to mention that South Pasadena officially told me that I didnít get the job with them. Thatís OK though, I have two other jobs. :)

End Communication.

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