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Walking around Dali -- 12.20.07
Have you ever felt like youíre going to burst in anticipation? Thatís how I am right now, ready to burst anticipating these new jobs. Iím SO looking forward to starting them already. If it was up to me Iíd start right this minute. Thatís silly since I should just be unwinding from the old job and enjoying this little time off. Especially since Iíll be going all out afterwards.

Tuesday instead of playing my new Wii I actually went out for a walk. While going to get the mail I noticed that it was picture perfect outside. So I went inside, dropped the mail on a table and grabbed my keys and camera.

I ended up walking around the school by my house, the one I attended when I was a kid. They renovated the whole thing, so it kinda looks like my old school, but at the same time itís not. While on my walk I wasnít really sure where I was going to end up. I started walking around the school and then ended up going up another street. The leaves on the ground continued to draw me.

It was nice to just walk around the neighborhood. I was going to walk across to the south side of the boulevard, but then thought better of it because it was getting late, and I was getting hungry.

So today (Wednesday) I went to the County Museum of Art to check out the Dali exhibit.

It was pretty cool, although the exhibit was FULL of people. Some people donít understand how to walk around a museum. Hell, most people donít know how to walk around anywhere. I jumped ahead of the mob and continued on to the rest of the exhibit.

Itís always cool to see the original version of the artwork Iíve seen in books or posters. The most famous of Daliís works is arguably ďThe Persistence of Memory.Ē It always amazes me to see the original of any work because I always imagine that most works are fairly big. Like certainly I thought persistence was bigger than say 11x16. Turns out itís barely 8x10.

I had to take the previous picture with my iPhone, because the dumb security automatically snaps at anyone that has a camera out in front of them. It was just so cool to see how vibrant the colors were. Iím always amazed by the actual brush strokes. There are so many different ways to applying paint to a canvas. Dali used smooth strokes, so I think. The background makes me think of the Mona Lisa. I can best describe it as a surreal environ with soft clocks in the foreground, along with a self-portrait, of sorts. Anyway, it was cool to see it in person.

I did have a couple of run-ins with a couple of over-aggressive museum security personal. I will admit that I wanted to get a picture of this particular painting, but thatís no reason to tell me to leave if Iím on my cell phone. Itís not a freaking library. Maybe I shouldnít have answered the phone, but at the same time I was whispering. Also, since when is it not OK to talk in a museum when there are literally two dozen people having conversations amongst themselves? Itís not like I was screaming at the top of my lungs for all the museum to hear my conversation. I was whispering, and I was only on the phone for a few moments. I blame the dummies that do talk at the top of their lungs for this. They ruined it for anyone who is simply whispering.

Later this other lady on another floor told me that I had to go outside if I wanted to make a phone call. I wasnít going to make a phone call, I was trying to take another picture. But, she insisted that I was trying to make a phone call. So anyway, she says to me, ďThere are cameras watching you so donít get in trouble.Ē I answered her, ďDonít worry, I wonít,Ē and walked away. Itís just silly to me because if I really wanted to be a pain you think that her telling me to not be a pain would prevent me? Again, itís the whole idea of the illusion of safety.

So the lady continued to follow me even as I just sat at a table reading a book about Southern California in the 50ís. It was so silly because just a few steps away there was a guy who was going to take a picture of a vase. Oh, but she looked away from me long enough to scare him just as he was going to snap a picture.

After all that I decided I needed to just leave. I was hungry, but having a few bucks in my pocket limited my selections. Also, I wasnít sure what I was in the mood for. So I sat at the bus stop wondering where to go, downtown or back to the westside. There are a few places in Beverly Hills that I wanted to try out, but again the money situation didnít allow for that. I figured I would find something along the way. The bus came and I took it to the Village. I walked around looking for anything good to eat. But most of the stuff they have there is the usual stuff that I could find by home. I stumbled upon a place that makes Philly cheesesteaks. There was a sign with articles proclaiming how good the cheesesteaks are. So, I figured Iíd give it a try. Well, it wasnít all that good. I wonít go back there again. I thought to myself how I should have just gone downtown to Cliftonís, or perhaps the Chipotle in Beverly Hills. Hell, I could have gone to the Apple Pan, but it was getting darker and starting to rain so I didnít want to go that out of my way. The works of art were great, but the dumb people I had to deal with, and the food, left something to be desired. Next time I think Iíll try stick to my tried and true food joints.

Do go check out the Dali exhibit, itís cool.

End Communication.

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