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í08 is going to be Great -- 01.02.08
If the first couple of days of 2008 are any indication I can honestly say that this might be a really great year. OK, not everything in the last couple of days has been peachy, but the good, I can see, is really making an effort to come out in í08. Tuesday I headed out to Staples Center to go see the Kings play. It turned out to be quite fun, and a blow-out of a game, which the Kings won. Woo Hoo! I hadnít been to a hockey game since before the Kings and Lakers moved to the Staples center. Here are a few pictures from the other night.

Obviously the exterior of Staples Center.

The rink as seem from our seats. I was surprised how ďintimateĒ the stadium was. Despite the fact that it holds something like 17,000 people I really felt like even in the so-called nose bleed seats how close I was to the action. At the old Forum nose bleed meant everyone looked like a flea.

Magic Johnsonís statue out front made me remember the good olí days when Showtime dominated the NBA. Those teams from the 80ís were insanely great.

The previous picture is of the subway, where an old man with a guitar serenaded us on our trip home. My friend Chris (from crappy Ralphís), who invited me to the the game, made the point that the night was... dang, I just forget the exact word he used. It might have been unusual, but more likely it was something else along that line. It was quite a fun night. Dinner at the Pantry, a blow-out Kings win, and then a serenade on the subway... what a night.

For the new year Iím trying some new things photographically. They arenít new ideas, per se, but things I really havenít tried in the past. I havenít done very many self-portraits, but this year Iím going to do the 365 thing, where I take a self-portrait every day for a year. Here are the first two, representing January 1st and 2nd respectively.

Thereís more to talk about, but for now thatís it.
End Communication.

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