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I would so kiss 2008 if I could -- 01.18.08
How is your new year going? Mine is going quite well, thank you. The new job at Glendale is going quite well. Itís nearly perfect in that Iím assigned something and I go and do it. No politics, no bullshit managers (not yet at least). I reserve the right to amend this statement in the future. But for now, this is quite literally a dream.

Come next week Iím going to have less free time since Iíll be juggling two jobs, but I can honestly say that things are going super well right now. The worm has turned and has made 2008 such a contrast to 2007 that everything seems 10x better than good. Just like the title of this entry says, if I could kiss 2008 I would. Most of the time things donít change overnight. Like 2007 is just a number we give a certain period of time, a trip around the sun. But December 31st and January 1st isnít that big of a difference.

This change over was different though. Something changed overnight and I could honestly feel it. Perhaps it was the darkening of heart and soul that has made the difference, who knows. Certainly giving myself permission to not hold back has gone a long way towards changing things.

Iím super happy that American Idol is back. The first two night have been super funny. There was a guy with a mustard colored suit that had me laughing to hard I nearly passed out. This is the part of the show I love the most. I really love watching the initial auditions because itís all about the untalented who think they are the next Whitney. Once the show moves to Hollywood I like it but not as much as the weeks before. So that and a ton of shows on my Tivo Iíve yet to watch, and a ton of movies on my Netflix rental queue and Iím ready for my survival without new TV shows.

I have this urge to write, but I donít know WHAT to write. Iím pretty sick and tired of starting a story and having it just die on the vine because I just get bored with it. Story of my writing life. I get bored with a story because I just want it to be finished already. Itís funny that I like writing but I hate having to do it, if you catch my meaning.

Anyways, thereís more to write about but I need to get ready for work. More later. End Communication.

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