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The LITTLE things -- 01.19.08
Does it still amaze anyone how the LITTLE things are what make the difference? I mean, a tiny change can really pull something one way or another. Take for instance the new year, my new job, the darkness. The new year, Iíve said it before, literally brought changes. Not just figurative changes but real changes. I couldnít see the forest for the trees, or perhaps the forest had me so trapped that I developed Stockholm syndrome, I donít know. But one little thing, that I honesty made into a colossal thing, changed and now the forest is a quaint place I visited in the past. One that isnít as frightening as all that.

My new job at Glendale is not perfect by any means, but it is better than crappy Ralphís. Itís the little things, like being treated like an adult and not a child (like at Ralphís). Because it sure did feel like kindergarten having to ask the teacher for permission to take a leak, a break, a moment. It might not be a big thing, but being treated like an adult is akin to being treated like a human. On a side note, I have always hated parents that treat their kids like kids. For once Iíd like to go up to a parent who is talking to their child in baby talk when they are clearly no longer a baby. Once they can talk to you they are probably smarter than you. They only listen to what you say because youíre bigger, not because youíre actually smarter. Side note done.

You know, we can wish for things but that doesnít make them come true. Matter of fact, NOTHING ever makes them come true. Certainly hoping is akin to wishing, and hoping doesnít make them come true either. Trying to talk yourself into them being different is the same as hoping, and you know how that works. Certainly fooling yourself canít make them true either, because that would be like talking yourself into them being different... and so on and so on. Accepting is a little thing but it makes ALL the difference. Accepting isnít giving up or giving in, itís just accepting that no amount of wishing, hoping, or anything will change things. And with that this happy paragraph covers the darkness.

A couple of my new co-workers were laughing at something I did, or perhaps they were just laughing at me in general. Itís sorta funny, their laughing made me almost laugh with them. Iím sure they donít know what to make of me. I kinda just landed there out of the blue. I show up and do my work, chit chat a little, but not that much. Itís OK if they laughed at something I did. If I knew what it was Iíd probably do it again. Iím literally the last new hire, so Iím the low man on the totem pole. Iím just happy because of the little things.

End Communication.

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