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The Exodus -- 02.07.08
I quit my job at crappy Ralphís over a month ago, I think it was about two weeks before Xmas í07. Since then I obviously started the two new jobs at San Marino and Glendale. I really like them, especially the San Marino one. Itís, in a word, chill. Now, in returning for visits to my old store my former co-workers have nearly universally asked me how my new jobs are going. I tell them that theyíre great, and that Iím just happy to be free from crappy Ralphís. Then there seems to be a moment where they think how happy they might be by leaving. I donít have any evidence of this other than previous conversations Iíve had with them about how they donít want to be there.

So since I left the place has changed, but not too much. Well, now the place is changing a lot. The store manager for the last two years was reassigned to another store down Ventura blvd., a few miles West. So with his leaving it seems that a lot of others are going to be moving to that store and others. One of the other managers is following Mr. Ross (the store manager) to the other store. Suffice to say, the next time I go to my old store Iíll be seeing a lot of new faces. I already have. Since I quit I noticed about five new people, but there are more to come. I lasted nearly two years there, but for the most part I notice that thereís a high turnover of clerks. Itís a menial job with low wages, what do you expect. Most people today want a million bucks for not doing much of anything. It goes with the whole mentality that the world owes you something.

Itís funny because I didnít even know how much Iím making at Glendale until I got my first check. I honestly forgot how much they offered me. All I knew is that it was a little more than crappy Ralphís. But itís seriously not about the money, itís about being happy. And right now Iím super happy. Itís almost too much happiness to handle sometimes. Iím like in a constant state of bliss that I have to sorta suppress in order to burst into laughter every minute.

Speaking of work, here are a few funny book titles I found while shelving.

End Communication.

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