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Bloom is off the Rose -- 02.09.08
For some reason Iíve been nearly falling asleep at work during the 10 to 11 oíclock hour in the morning. It could be that Iím not getting enough sleep, but why would the sleepiness hit me then? All I know is that Iím going to try and go to sleep earlier in order to see if it is indeed the lack of sleep.

Work is going well, but now the San Marino job is so much more fun that the Glendale one is looking a little pale in comparison. Also, this week I was told that I made a few mistakes, small ones, but mistakes none the less. I hate that, even though the reality is I understand mistakes are par for the course. But, what i hate is that Iím told Iíve made a mistake in a way that makes it sound like I SHOULD have known the rule that I broke. How can I know that if no one tells me the rule? Iím not worried about it though. When someone told me that I should ďwatch outĒ for a certain co-worker I thought to myself, ďIím just going to put my head down and not interact with anyone.Ē So Iím turning into Switzerland at work, because I donít want to deal with the politics. But, as a friend pointed out, even being neutral doesnít mean that I wonít be invaded and thrown into the office politics blender. So the long and the short of it is that Iím just going to be myself. Whatever happens is going to happen, so fuck it, Iím just going to be me.

Funny enough though, I did get in a little trouble for forgetting to be neutral. Just before closing time I threw a little piece of paper at one of my co-workers. Itís perfectly harmless. I donít aim for the face or anything like that, just the mid torso area. Well my co-worker acted like a child and in one motion got hit by the paper and continued on to the boss, who was in her office, all the way yelling that I threw a piece of paper at her. OMG, did I shoot her with a gun or something? You would have thought I did by her reaction. The boss called me into her office and told me that it was best not to play around with ďthat one.Ē She wouldnít elaborate. So, dummy me is going back to the being neutral and not talking to anyone at work mode. Iím there to get my work done and then leave. Still, this just reminds me that this job isnít permanent either. In the next few months Iím going to start looking for something more in line with what I studied. Because I didnít go and get my B.A. so I could move books around all day long. I like doing that, but really I need to be writing them, not shelving them.

Itís all good though, because I finally got paid a full check from Glendale, and I got my first check from San Marino. I was down to my last $18 in my checking account, and last $400 in my savings. Gasoline is squeezing my budget, but thankfully now Iíll have money coming in.

On an entirely different subject, I come across some really funny book titles when Iím shelving. Here are a few of the ones that make me say, ďwhat were they thinking?Ē

In what can only be described as an ďonly in Los Angeles moment,Ē last night, while driving home, I saw Charlie Chaplin walking down the street. Obviously not the real Chaplin, but a guy dressed as Chaplin. What stuck me being so funny was the fact that it was dark, no one was on the street, yet this guy was in full costume and FULL character. To me that was just too funny. I wish I had my camera ready.

Today is my day off, so Iím off to the museum.

End Communication.

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