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When the World is running down -- 03.30.08
"... you make the best of whatís still around," or so the song goes. My Sunday started out bad, but not as bad as it would be for one guy on the freeway. Some idiot went and shot someone else on the freeway. Probably because the other person cut him off, or wasnít going fast enough... whatever that means. I hate these stupid drivers who run up to my bumper, as if thatís going to make ME drive faster. When I first started driving maybe. These days I donít flinch, I continue going my speed. Which isnít like a grandmother on Sunday. I drive pretty fast, but I guess some idiots just want to drive at 90mph everywhere. Fucking assholes! Itís the Autobahn, itís the damn 101!

I jumped into my car just around 11am this morning and didnít make it to work until a little past 1pm. It took me nearly an hour and a half to travel from the 405 onramp to the Van Nuys off-ramp on the 101. It was a traffic nightmare. Of course I got to work late, where all the little things went wrong. But at least I wasnít getting shot in the head, like the guy who lost his life on the 101.

Itís all about getting somewhere in this town. We live on our freeways because everything is so far away. Most towns around the U.S. are tiny compared to the metropolis that is Los Angeles. Hell, the Valley, I heard more than once, would be the 6th largest city in the nation if it was its own separate entity apart from L.A.. But my point was that everything is far away. We commute everywhere. Nothing is within walking distance in this town. I drive 25 miles to go to work, each way. So yeah, when thereís an accident like this one, which closed perhaps the busiest freeway in the world for six hours, itís going to ruin a lot of peopleís day. It was the set-up for my day.

When I finally got to work today, it took me the better part of an hour to set settled down and not have every little thing go wrong. In my rush this morning I forgot my shirt, and had to work in my undershirt. So, out of spite I dined at Pie Ďn Burger after work, because I just needed something that was full of fat and grease to make me feel good. Which brings me to another topic, my ever expanding stomach.

Ever since my friend Joe died Iíve been eating more unhealthy food. Itís because I have the mentality that I best enjoy myself while Iím here on Earth, because who knows what awaits us. So yeah, that mentality has me eating Pie Ďn Burger to feel better, and to know Iím alive. I donít have a girlfriend, or she might be more of the focus of those feelings. But, Iíve now noticed that my stomach is a expanding because Iím not caring to eat less. I best eat these bad things in moderation, to at least mollify some of the bad habit.

Iím looking forward to ending this entry and just going to watch some TV or play some Wii. After today I need to unwind.
End Communication.

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