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The Days Off of Wine and Roses -- 04.13.08
So Iím sitting here enjoying my first real day off without any plans or anything that I have to do in some time. This morning I was going to go off and help a friend with their iPhone, but they flaked. Then, I had other plans to get a drink with a former co-worker. They had an emergency. Finally I decided I needed to just sit here and play video games and maybe write a little. This is the first bit of writing Iíve done, but hopefully it will continue into some actual story writing. I have a couple of ideas I want to stew in my think pot and let them simmer until I get a good story out of them. Time will tell, because I really do have to press these ideas or they wonít germinate.

So this morning I decided that EVERYTHING is wrong. Actually, it wasnít JUST this morning, but rather the accumulation of the whole week. We must have had a full moon this week because people were total and complete morons. Which begs the question, why are people such IDIOTS? I blame a lot of things, but mainly I think itís the sheep mentality that 99.999% of people have. They simply follow, never question or think for themselves. And in the end I guess thatís how the world works. But itís not just not thinking for oneself, but also just plain NOT THINKING, period. My best and greatest example is the way people drive in this town.

This morning I encountered this dummy, that suddenly realized they were going the wrong way and decided to just cut right in and do what they wanted (pictured below).

But this is nothing compared to the stupid woman that nearly killed me last night. I went to get some food. At the end of my street there is a stop sign, that is immediately proceeded by a stop sign. There is nearly no way to build up enough speed to cause a major collision. That is, unless you donít stop at either of those stop signs. Which is exactly what this woman did. She missed BOTH stop signs and nearly hit me. But I blame myself, what makes me think that a stop sign means stop if youíre in a hurry. Because being in a hurry certainly allows anyone to throw out the California vehicle code. Not only did he nearly hit me, then she decided to tailgate me all the way down the street. Then, she went to a left turn lane and stopped because she took a wrong turn. This was followed by a series of cut-off in order to get from the left turn lane to the right turn lane on Ventura. I truly wish I had a bat to bash her car and her brains in... probably not in that order. Now that I think about it, the car doesnít need to be bashed.

At work I had to deal with stupidity left and right, and not only stupidity but lying. When someone owes a fine itís not going to be that much money. A few dollars, usually just a few cents, like 50 or 75. But people will lie to my face over and over again to get out of paying a lousy 50 cents. I mean come on, as penalties go a few cents because you forgot to turn a book in on time is very little. But, people will still lie to my face in order to not pay. I know theyíre lying, especially when the fine clearly shows the item was late by a week. I had a lady tell me, indirectly of course, that we must not have checked the item in when she returned it because she returned it on a Saturday after we had closed. I told her, ďWell, thatís strange because we consider anything dropped into the drop box to be turned in the pervious day. And we have a one day grace period.Ē She just repeated her statement that she turned it in on time, but added that we must have missed it because weíre closed on Sundays (therefore she was in the clear). I told her, ďThat canít happen because weíre open on Sundays,Ē to wit she just made a face and asked me how much she owed. Her argument MIGHT have had some merit if the record showed it was a day late. Perhaps one of us missed some of the books, and hers were in the batch we missed. But, the record clearly showed the books were a week and a half late. Even if I missed checking the books back a whole string of people would have to also do the same thing for nearly a week and a half straight. Thatís not only unlikely itís nearly impossible. That logic finally broke her down into paying her $1.50 fine, but it shouldnít be like pulling teeth... but it is.

Food is another problem on the list these days. While itís gross to really talk about having so many choices and not knowing exactly what to eat, thats exactly what Iím going to talk about. I have no idea where to eat, nor what I really want anymore. Most of the food I eat is nothing beyond pedestrian and bland. The only good meal I had this week was an incredible pastrami-burger from The Hat (pictured below).

I honestly thought this was NOT going to be that good, but it was beyond great. It was the best meal Iíve had in a long time. Which isnít something I can say for Fridayís lunch. I went to a place by work that supposedly has good Mexican food. So, I put it to the test and ordered some enchiladas (pictured below).

It looked good, but I canít say it was any better than meh. Sunday, in order to make up for the meh meals Iíve had lately, Iím treating myself to a place Iíve wanted to try for a couple of years now. Itís on the way to work, so it will be cool. Iíll tell you how it goes. For now... End Communication.

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