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Why everything sucks -- 04.28.08
This week I needed something good and outside the stupidness of life to cling to. So, I bought ďMy So-Called Life, the complete seriesĒ on DVD. Iím transferring the shows onto my iPhone so I can watch them during my lunch breaks. The show only ran for 19 episodes, but itís so perfect. Maybe thatís why it was so perfect. I might have caught the show for like five minutes when it was on ABC, but perhaps thatís a memory I want to have that really doesnít exist.

Anyway, I was saying that I needed something good to cling to this week. At work (Glendale) they took away my iPod (figuratively). I used to be able to listen to my iPod, with only one earbud mind you, while I stacked the books back on the shelf. Well, Thursday the managers tell me that I can only listen to it while Iím in the back office, effectively taking my ability to listen away. As things go this little thing isnít so bad, but stacking books is fairly boring. Ah, who am I fooling, itís super boring. I usually listen to the Stern show while working because it keeps me in good humor. Friday I couldnít listen and it showed. I was left to my own thoughts, and who the hell wants that?!

The one thing I did sorta get in trouble for during my evaluation was my talking. I like to think Iím a good talker. And, funny enough, I think that people talk to me because they feel Iím actually listening. I like that I have the ability to put people at ease. And also, I love talking. Iím not one to keep my mouth shut. I like trivial things, I like serious topics, I like talking period. Maybe it stems from having something to say. Maybe Iím like that guy from the Dos Equis commercials... the most interesting man on Earth. Ha! Doubt Iím that, foí sure. Either way, the managers, after telling me not to use my iPod, told me that should keep my conversations to a minimum. So this whole thing was a power play to show who is boss. But really itís stupid managerial shit that they do to justify their existence.

Because of the two new jobs I now drive about 250 - 300 miles a week. I donít mind it except for the dummies that insist on TAILGATING. I mean come on mother-fuckers, stop tailgating. Look at this example of the freeway and how close the cars are.

That Honda is about a car length behind the Prius, which at highway speed is not enough distance to react to a sudden stop. I have really fast reflexes, I mean they are tight and fast, and I know I canít stop my car fast enough if Iím only a car length behind the person ahead of me. Itís just stupid to think that you can react THAT fast. So please, I implore you all who drive the Los Angeles freeways, donít tailgate. Itís stupid for you to think that you wonít get killed. Youíre not the Flash, youíre reflexes arenít fast enough to react. Even if they were, simple physics will tell you that you canít stop that fast.

Moving on to other little pet peeves. One of the libraries I work at is brand new, new building at least. Whoever designed it did a nice job overall, but the devil is in the details. There are a lot of little details that are off, and hence they make things a little difficult sometimes. Case in point, the inside book drop (pictured below).

It looks OK, but you have to look closer to see where the slots were the books go are. Someone put a new sign that points to where the slots are, but people arenít smart enough to see that. People are dumb sheep that have no brains in their heads. You have to tell them EVERYTHING. So making a book drop thatís hard to see just makes the problem all the more difficult. Because if they canít figure out not to tailgate because it might kill them and a bunch of other drivers on the road, what makes anyone think they can see a virtually invisible book drop?

As you can see from the picture there are a ton of things right at the edge of the tabletop. I did that to prevent people from placing books on top. Itís so annoying, and the books can get misdirected. But, it doesnít prevent people who will find any little room to place their books there. I canít totally blame them, the book return slots are hard to locate. But, why would you just leave a book lying around on a random table top? Might those books not get misplaced? Might they not be checked in properly? Yeah, that thought never enters ANYONEíS head I guess. Just like no thoughts enter their heads.

I picked up my Aunt and Uncle from the airport this weekend, and we went to Pannís to eat. I ate a late breakfast, so I only had dessert, a super fine peach-apple cobbler (pictured below).

I have some rather fond memories of that cobbler, all connected to a certain someone who shall remain nameless right now. Suffice to say ordering the cobbler reminded me of her and it sucks. Why must EVERYTHING be so terrible? Why must everything seem to turn out just not right? Why does it seem that good things only happen in the movies, or on TV? Is having it all just something people wish for but never attain? Why do we even bother?

If you have the answers to these questions I shall devote myself to your guru-ness and ask you a ton of other questions. Any takers? I think long and hard about these things, and have my own answers. Perhaps I should just devote myself to me. LOL Anyways, let me know if you KNOW.
End Communication.

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